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Mirror of Marketing: Finding Your Authentic Voice

Your clients don’t want a big-box experience; they want connection, service, and expertise
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You know how sometimes patients have these weird symptoms that they think have nothing to do with who they are?

Well, us acupuncturists are not immune to running up against our own uninhabited edges, especially when it comes to marketing and business. In this course we get down into the essence of our work, and why it's important to know what we do beyond the story we tell ourselves or the tools of the trade upon which we rely.

Do you cringe when the word "marketing" shows up? Then listen in, because what you think is in the way... is the way.
Goals and Objectives
  • How to speak to someone's fear, without playing on their fear
  • The vital importance of distilling an Essence Statement
  • Learning to view money as appreciation
  • Approaching marketing as invitation
  • Know your target audience; know the dreams, the desires, the dread
Course Requirements
NCCAOM National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Professional Development Activity (PDA) points are awarded for active learning that is earned in an in-person or e-learning environment. 

Registrants must complete all modules in the course, including a mandatory worksheet, and pass the end of course assessment. Passing is 70%.
Meet Your instructor

MB Huwe, L.Ac

Part of what drew me to Chinese medicine – and what holds me here – is its endless emphasis on thoughtfulness and presence of mind. There is nothing dull or rote about acupuncture and herbal medicine; they are both at once timeless and spontaneous.

Understanding the universal ways of life – birth, growth, sickness, wellness, aging, death – and holding that knowledge while treating the individual person is a defining characteristic of practicing this medicine. 

I love working with entrepreneurs, “makers,” artists, writers, performers, restaurant owners… in short, people whose work demands something particular of them. People whose personal unfolding happens through their work.

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