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On-demand Course •  the Practice of Practice

Money, Power, and Authority

Effectively treating patients is only one aspect of a successful practice. The skill and ability to competently run the business is also key. Three things that often get in the way? Money, power, and, authority.

Michael Max takes a look at why we should work on resolving emotional issues and how they also can impact our clinical effectiveness as well. Learn to practically apply Chinese medicine thinking to step into a more congruent relationship with money, power and authority.
Goals and Objectives
  • Explore shadow aspects of money, power & authority
  • Investigate how the Chinese language views these topics
  • Apply Chinese medicine principles of excess and deficiency to better understand how issues with money, power & authority are expressed in the world
  • Work with these issues through the organ pairings perspective of Saam acupuncture
Meet Your instructor

Michael Max, L.Ac

In the 20+ years since graduating from acupuncture school I’ve had the great good fortune to practice medicine, study in Taiwan and China, translate a book on herbs and start a podcast. All of these have been the harvest of following a hunch, of hearing a kind of invitation within an opportunity and risking that path of discovery. 

All these experiences have taught me there is something powerful about dialogue. It shows up in all aspects of our lives. It’s a way of getting feedback from our environment. I see it as a kind of gift from the Muse, that part of Heaven which is always whispering in our ear as it seeks for an opportunity to be expressed on Earth.

Dialogue has always been a part of Chinese medicine, and conversation allows us to better understand ourselves as we seek to understand others. 

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