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Four Quadrants Note Taking Method

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The practice of medicine requires us to constantly sense, observe, sort and analyze. We create cognitive models that help us to make sense of our experience, and those models are in constant need to updating.

In this conversation we explore an innovative model to taking in information and using that to both help with our understanding and help us to choose appropriate actions.

Meet Your instructor

Jennifer Wyatt, L.Ac

Chinese medicine is a lot like detective work. It requires a curious, analytical mind and a tenacious spirit. 
And because Chinese medicine has aspects of both art and science, it takes a unique combination of knowledge, empathy, and wisdom to be practiced most effectively.
In all the most important ways, Chinese medicine chose me.
A dyed in the wool introvert, it calls upon my natural strengths towards ideation and intuition, and engages my perspectives on the parallel aspects of my own life experiences and those of others.

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