In this video discussion Toby Daly shares his experience with using food as medicine. And gives you actionable ways of […]

Hirata Zone Therapy focuses on dermatomes. It is a unique contribution from the Japanese tradition that lends itself to the […]

The medical interview is the practicing physician’s essential tool for developing a diagnosis and establishing rapport with the patient. In […]

Yin and yang are so simple, and so hard. Both knowing and not-knowing ground us in the clinical encounter. This […]

In order to understand how Chinese medicine views immunity, specifically autoimmune disorders and epidemic diseases, we need to understand the […]

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It’s impossible to have confidence at the beginning of any enterprise. You might have passion, commitment, reliable skills or desire. […]

Our medicine expresses and unfolds through resonance and reflection as it is capable of attending to the changes and expression […]

In this Qiological Live presentation we explore the fundamental principles of acupuncture as discussed in the 針灸甲乙經 (zhen jiu jia […]

Observation is a key technology of our low-tech, sophisticated medicine. Recognizing the level of brightness or dullness in the eyes […]

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Engaging Vitality (EV) is a set of palpatory and cognitive tools that help practitioners understand and feel how to better […]

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The ming men is the very basis of our vitality. We depend fully on the ming men for our personal […]