We enter the stream of any tradition by learning from those who have come before. We truly become part of a living tradition when we add our own voices and experiences.

These Qiological Live conversations are designed for the perpetually curious to find nourishment in the edge where beginner’s mind meets seasoned stability.

Enjoy the exploration.

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Get to Know Some Real Characters

Toby Daly
May 21, 2022


Revealing the Workings of the Saam Acupuncture
Tradition Through Case Study

Toby Daly
Saturday June 4, 2022


Investigation of the Earthly Branches

Deborah Woolf
Saturday June 11 2022


Breath of the Water Dragon:
The Shaoyin & Integration of Fire and Water

Bryan McMahon
Saturday June 18, 2022


It’s in Their Head: Addressing Stagnant Qi
in the Heads of Children

Rebecca Avern
Saturday June 25, 2022


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