Shen Nong Society 

Qiological is proud to present self-paced courses from the
2020 East Asian Herbal Medicine Conference.

2020 East Asian Herbal Medicine Conference

The Shen Nong Society endeavors to be the unifying voice and central source for practitioners, consumers, educators, growers, distributors, and regulators of East Asian herbs. Their annual conference enrich our profession through the voices of Volker Scheid, Yu Guo Jun, Sabine Wilms, Sharon Weizenbaum, and so many more. 

Volker Scheid

Which is the real Chinese medicine? There are many, many different ways of practicing Chinese medicine. There is a diversity that arises from plurality. There are no clinical studies that show that one style is better than another style. It's left to the practitioner.

Volker Scheid

Learn how the theory of meta-practice can help you gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese medicine anatomy, physiology and pathology of menstruation in a clinically centered manner focusing on the treatment of menstrual disorders.

Kevin Ergil, Volker Scheid, Sharon Weizenbaum, and Josh Paynter

Belief, ritual, and connection with a sympathetic provider are all observed to favor treatment effects, but clinical research has few tools with which to explore or even define these beliefs and behaviors.

Jean Giblette

The loss of the world’s fertile soil and biodiversity, pose a threat to East Asian medicinals. We must look beyond global warming or climate change as the root cause. It’s insufficient to “do no harm” to the land, we actually need to improve it.

Originally to be hosted in New York in March, COVID-19 prompted a pivot to a fully livestreamed event with presenters and attendees from China, the United Kingdom, and throughout the United States.
All presentations are now available online

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