I work and live in Germany near the city of Muenchen. I am licensed as a “Heilpraktiker” (lit. translating as “healing practitioner”) which is the certified alternative medicine profession here. Originally, I encountered Asian philosophy, culture and health practice through the study of Taekwon-Do which I am still learning and teaching now for over 35 years. Additionally, my original academic training is a Ph.D. in psychology. In this context I researched and published on intercultural communication between Germans and Koreans and worked freelance as an intercultural trainer for overseas assignments to Korea, Japan and China. These influences eventually led me to study Asian medicine.

In 2009 I graduated from TCM school and have been operating a private clinic since then. I made regular visits to South Korea to learn Qigong and Korean medicine since 1996. Since 2015 I have been teaching Saam acupuncture in Europe. In 2017 I published the first textbook on Saam acupuncture in Germany.

Even after 10 years of experience with Saam, I am still very enthusiastic about this style. I especially like the systematic approach and the quick practical application. The climatic energies of the Six Qi and the Korean constitutional approach in Saam acupuncture give valuable, additional perspective compared to “conventional” TCM. The opposing dimensions of the Six Qi – dampness vs. dryness, heat vs. cold, the direction of wind going inwards vs. outwards – add a lot to clinical understanding in oriental medicine. Thus, Saam definitely can give you additional weaponry to fight your patients` diseases, however you must be open to aim at new targets.