The 12 Channels of Saam: Essential Qualities

This course provides a deep dive into the nature of the 12 channels of Saam. Whether you have been practicing Saam for several years or you have just taken Saam Level 1 with Toby Daly, this class will improve your diagnostic skills and further fuel your love of this powerful system.

Using Toby Daly’s teaching as our guide, we will identify the essential manifestations of Saam channel qualities. These will be contrasted with signs and symptoms that are pointers, rather than for sure signs, that could be coming from multiple qualities. This differentiation greatly improves your ability to properly assign clinical weight and clarifies the diagnostic process. Case examples will illustrate the teaching in this clinically oriented class.


This class includes the following:
  • How to differentiate primary and secondary qualities of each channel
  • Target areas, clinical gems, and scenarios requiring caution
  • Similarities and differences with the other 11 channels
  • The unique observational skills of Saam that are necessary for correct diagnosis.
  • Video observation cases demonstrating important principles
  • Kidney and Small Intestine qualities reflected in the flesh
  • Face diagnosis as Toby applies it to Kidney and Small Intestine diagnosis
  • Eye observation practice


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Prerequisite: Saam Acupuncture, Level 1, taught by Toby Daly

Six 2-Hour Recordings on the Dynamic Relationship
of the Saam Organ Pairs


“The 12 channels are where beginners start and masters end.
To beginners, it seems easy; the masters know how difficult it is.”
Ling Shu Chapter 17

Your Instructor For This Class

Kristin has been steeping in everything Saam since Toby Daly began teaching this tradition and is now his teaching assistant. She was the original moderator for the Saam forum on Qiological for 2 years and now has her own Saam mentorship program in the White Pine Circle where she helps guide students through cases and the basics of Saam practice.

She graduated from PCOM San Diego in 1999 and has been practicing in southeastern Massachusetts since. Before Saam, she practiced in the traditions of Kiiko Matsumoto, Wang Ju-Yi, received sports medicine acupuncture certification with Matt Callison and has been studying with Sharon Weizenbaum for more than 20 years.

She enjoys translating the beautiful world view of our medicine into results-oriented practice.

“I am pleased to highly recommend Kristin to anyone interested in learning how to apply the principles of the Saam acupuncture tradition to their clinical practice… I have worked closely with Kristin as she ensures the clear dissemination of the tradition… I have found Kristin to be consistently thoughtful, kind, and impeccable as she guides students to safely incorporate the tradition into their practices.”

Toby Daly, PhD,  Lac