In this Shop Talk we hear about a surprisingly effective use of the Tung point San Cha San, which she discovered when she treated herself for a head cold.

San Cha San is easily accessed as it’s located along the Triple Burner channel, and is reached by sliding a needle in between the fourth and fifth metacarpals. So it is a point you can readily add to your treatments.

Additionally Renee covers the uses of sister points, San Cha Yi and San Cha Er and how they are useful for back pain.

It’s helpful to use ourselves as white mice to learn more about acupuncture, and you’ll enjoy hearing about Renee’s discoveries in this Shop Talk


Renee Klorman, L.Ac

This wild ride and amazing career in Chinese medicine began 17 years ago after my first acupuncture treatment with Claudia Citkovitz in NYC. I never looked back. I have been licensed for 12 years and have practiced in California, Washington State, and currently in Vermont. I have owned a community acupuncture clinic and private practice and now work in an integrative clinic and have many opportunities to work collaboratively with my colleagues, which I love. I am also the Assistant Producer at Qiological. When not doing either of those things, I am in the woods of Vermont or exploring the Adirondack mountains.