Golden Flower Chinese Herbs


Formulations made by professionals, for professionals.

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs was founded by practitioners who wanted high quality herb productions for their patients. They are dedicated to efficacious products and promoting herbal understanding and education.

Qiological listeners visit this link and connect with Golden Flower Chinese Herbs to get access to the library of Herbal Monograms:

Ann Cecil Sterman



The Du channel also governs the ability to self determine. The psycho-emotional presentation of your patients can be matched to a classical activation of this channel, clearing impedance in the free flow of Yang Q to body, mind, and spirit.

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Jane is your all-in-one clinical assistant that automates your office tasks with a friendly human touch.

From scheduling, to billing, to clinic notes, to sending helpful reminders. Jane uses your voice and clinic procedures to automate the day to day tasks of running a practice in a friendly way.

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Saam Acupuncture Chautauqua



For saam acupuncture practitioners.
We have something special coming up  next month.
It's like a tax deductible summercamp with NCCAOM PDA's.

Join us for a deep dive into various streams of the Saam tradition that will feature 16 different presenters with talks spread out over the course of six weeks, and it’s all tied together with a discussion forum. 

Visit for the details.

Blue Poppy



In recent years the Saam acupuncture style, which tends to rely on thick needles,  has generated significant interest and a loyal and growing following. 

Unico Needles are made of uncoated Japanese surgical stainless steel and feature the best guide tube on the market with its unique beveled edge. Additionally Unico needles have a tensile property that helps with free-handing needles into jing well points, and allows you to more easily feel the arrival of Qi.

Blue Poppy is the exclusive importer and distributor of Unico needles. Use the code QI2024 to save 10% off Unico Needles at will be glad you did.

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