Ann Cecil Sterman



How we are with our patients makes a difference in our clinical work. And how patients are with themselves, that can be the key to healing.

Ann Cecil Sterman, author of Advanced Acupuncture and Becoming Healthy, Staying Healthy: Heart Advice from an Acupuncturist, shares her clinical experience  in a free lesson.

Visit for a lesson on bedside manner, and how belief can hold pathology in place.

Mayway Herbs



Mayway is here to help you through the Fall season with a wide variety of seasonal formulas and Plum Blossom teapills.

Visit the website for expert articles, sign up for Mayway's bi-monthly newsletter, which is always filled with interesting and clinical useful articles.

Also give a listen to their podcast, Chinese Medicine Matters.

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Griffo Botanicals



Herbs can be a key factor in turning around a patient’s health condition. But the taste and amount they need to drink can be a barrier.

Griffo Botanicals handcrafted method of concentrating extracts not only enhances their flavor, but your patients will need just a teaspoon a day.


Griffo Botanicals, The Taste of Potency.

Acufast Needles



Heal your patients and the planet. 

High quality Acufast needles both dramatically reduce your clinic waste, and help to reforest the planet. 

Visit to see how much less waste you’ll generate and how many thousands of trees acupuncturists have helped to plant.

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