Mayway Herbs


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You can also learn more about their formulations in the “Articles and Podcasts” section.
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Acufast Needles



Heal your patients and the planet. 

High quality Acufast needles both dramatically reduce your clinic waste, and help to reforest the planet. 

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The Lantern


For over twenty years The Lantern has brought our community classical perspectives that help to inform our modern clinical experience. 

You’ll find editorials, translations, book reviews, marketing advice you can bank on, Daoist perspectives and the adventures of the wandering traveler and the fat monk. 

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12 Channels of Saam: Essential Qualities



We know that the 12 channels give us the capacity to promote wellbeing and treat disease.

The Saam method has a particular view of the channels that allows us to work with the character and quality of the channels through both the Five Phases and Six Qi. 

Join us for this six week discussion of Channel Essential Qualities, with Kirstin Wisgird

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