Mayway Herbs


Visit Mayway to order helpful seasonal formula  teapills that are on sale.

You can also learn more about their formulations in the “Articles and Podcasts” section.
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Radical Roots


Radical Roots combines the power of Chinese medicine with full-spectrum hemp.

They have a terrific affiliate program that helps you focus more on seeing patients and less on making ends meet. All you need to do is give your patients a unique web address to purchase the products directly from Radical Roots, and you’ll get an affiliate commission of 25%. No Inventory and better cash flow for you.

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Acufast Needles


Acufast is the needle that helps to heal both your patients and the planet.

These needles and their packaging are not only designed from the ground up to make the possible use of resources but also have a low impact on the planet in terms of waste. The folks at Acufast are serious about making a difference, which is why for every two boxes purchased of their high quality needles, they plant a tree.

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24 Node Calendar


This work of art is your guide to the two week turnings of the seasons, cycles of the moon, and ‘return to earth' phase at the end of each season.

In the west we count the solstice as the beginning of winter. But the deep dark of winter is the climax, not the beginning. Like all creative processes, it starts before you can see it; and this calendar can help you to see.

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