What is included in a Qiological membership?

Qiological publishes conversations on East Asian medicine once a week, and one of these conversations a month is available for free to all.

Paid memberships give you access to all new episodes as they are released and the entire back catalogue of over 250 conversations on practice and medicine.

Additionally, members get 10% off all Qiological paid events and seminars.

How are Qiological Live seminars different from a Podcast episode?

In essence, a podcast episode is like sitting down for tea with a friend. While a Qiological Live seminar is like that friend saying, “come into my clinic, I want to show something.”

Podcast episodes are long-form, unscripted conversations. They are the heart and soul of Qiological and an opportunity to glimpse the depth, breadth, practice, and perspective of a colleague actively  engaged in the practice of medicine.

Qiological Live seminars are condensed and focused 60-90 minute live events that invite you to go deep into a method or perspective and to participate with questions and comments. In a short amount of time, the goal is to give you the capacity to start investigating a new aspect of medicine for yourself the next time you go to work.

There is a small fee for Qiological Live seminars, and you’ll have lifetime access to the recording. Annual memberships receive a 10% discount when signing up for a Qiological Live event.

I’m an annual member, but I can’t find the member podcasts. What do I do?

Monthly members can stream the podcasts from the website. Annual members can stream the podcasts from the website, or use a private RSS feed to listen from their favorite podcast app.

Annual members are automatically emailed a private RSS feed from our hosting service, Captivate, which gives you access to the entire library of Qiological conversations on your phone or tablet. 

If you did not get that email, please check your spam folder, and if you still can’t find it, reach out  and let us know. We’ll make sure the system sends it to you again.

Setting up the private RSS feed to get access to members’ podcasts

NOTE: Spotify does not support private podcast feeds. You’ll need to use one of the many podcast apps for your mobile device. Many Android users like Podcast Addict. If you’re an Apple user, then Overcast is a great app.

Step 1: Open the email from Captivate, our hosting service, on your phone or tablet.

You’ll see your private RSS feed.

(It will look like a common URL, but with a lot of characters)

Copy the entire link

Step 2: Then open your podcast app, and look for where you can “add a show by URL.” All podcast apps have this feature, but each puts it in a different place.

Paste the private RSS feed URL into the “add a show by URL” space. 

Here's a video that shows how it's down using the Apple Podcast app.
Again, all apps will have this feature, but you'll have to hunt for it.

I can’t find the recording of the Qiological Live seminars I’ve purchased. I get taken back to the sales page.

To access the Qiological Live sessions you’ve purchased. First login to qiological.com, then look for the Account menu. Click on that, which will take you to the Dashboard.

From there look for and click on the Courses tab. That will take you to a page that has all your Qiological paid events.

I can't find the members podcasts on Spotify

That's right. Those services, along with many others, publish free content. You'll find the free Qiological conversations there, but you'll need to use the private RSS feed that we supply you with for the special member's content.

It will allow you to download the conversations you want to your phone or tablet.

Or you can always stream the member's conversations from the website.

Most podcasts are free. Why do you charge for Qiological?

Nothing in this world is free. When you look at nature, you’ll see all of nature is based on some kind of exchange. So while something might feel free to you, when you look at all the hands and labor that goes into bringing you a podcast conversation, you’ll see it is deeply entangled in a web of exchange.

Over a quarter of the content on Qiological is free. And we are dedicated to having Qiological be a sustainable enterprise, so it is here for you in the future.

Just like you subscribe to your favorite paper or online journal; purchase books so you can learn something new; buy a monthly streaming service for entertainment; or buy a nice cup of coffee from your favorite cafe because it's a good place to sit and work. So too, we ask for your financial support to bring you these conversations that connect the voices of our community.

I’m thinking of doing a podcast. Can Qiological help me?

There are many great resources for how to do a podcast these days. Not to mention fantastic tools.

I’d suggest starting with a Google search. And if you have specific questions or want help, you can arrange a consultation with me.

Are you planning on doing a YouTube channel?

We are not planning on doing a YouTube channel. Qiological is primarily an audio experience. YouTube is great for when you need to demonstrate or visually show something.

Here at Qiological, given a choice between spending time putting up videos on YouTube and seeing patients in the clinic, we opt for seeing more patients.