The Chinese are right, the brain is a curious organ. The way the nerves entangle their way into every aspect of our body, and how their gentle electric hum gives us awareness of this container we call ourselves.

Pain is how our nervous system lets us know there is a problem. Acupuncture has rightfully been seen and used as a way to intervene. Strangely enough the ear has a powerful influence on the brain and nervous system.

In this conversation with John Howard we take a look at  Battlefield Acupuncture, its origin, unique place in the military, and how it works with the curious organ of the brain.

Listen into this discussion on the influence of the zero point, the curious relationship between blood types and pain, sacred the geometry of 30 degree angles, importance of titration and how causing some trouble got him a job working for the Yankees.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Battlefield Acupuncture: Its origin, development, and effectiveness in pain management, particularly in military settings.
  • Meeting Dr. Richard Niemtzow, the inventor of the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol and Howard's internship with him​​.
  • The five key points in Battlefield Acupuncture: cngulate gyrus, thalamus, omega two, shen men, and zero point
  • The importance of pain modulation: Getting the body out of pain to allow the immune system to take over
  • The vagus nerve's role in Battlefield Acupuncture,Its connection to almost every organ, and its role in homeostasis
  • Titrating pain levels: and the importance of not eliminating all pain, especially in athletes and active individuals
  • Prophylactic treatment: Using the last three points bilaterally to prevent anticipated headaches
  • Teaching Battlefield Acupuncture the important of focusing on practice before theory,
  • Sacred geometry in auricular medicine, the concept of points aligning along 30-degree angles and the role of point 0.0 as a “restart button”

You can stimulate Point Zero to”restart” your acupuncture protocols that have stopped being effective on your patients. Either use an electric stimulator on Point Zero on both ears for 2 minutes, or place one acupuncture needle in each ear at Point Zero for 30 minutes.

John Howard, L.Ac

John Howard is a licensed acupuncturist who started his career in Western medicine. He trained & served with the U.S. Marine Corps, as a Combat Medic & a certified EMT. He was chosen to attend the Army's Delta Special Operations School of Medicine to become a Corpsman and the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences where he trained in field surgical techniques. At George Washington Univ. Hospital he worked as an ER Trauma Technician.and as an Asst. Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine teaching medical students minor trauma and suturing techniques.

John Howard then completed his degree in acupuncture from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland in 2004, and is nationally certified by NCCAOM. After completing his degree, Prof Howard did a five-year fellowship with the US military under the direction of Dr. Richard Niemtzow, MD, PhD. He learned in depth about the amazing Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol which he teaches to acupuncturists and doctors throughout the world to this day. He has also authored nine books and 25 articles on both Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy.



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