I've had people comment that they've heard me in a number of interviews talk about Kong Zui, Lung 6. I've gotten emails about this, and had people ask in person “what's up with Lung 6?”

In this short episode, I'll give you my riff on the sixth point of the Lung channel. And some thoughts on Stomach 37 as well.

Tune into this, especially if you are working on your palpation skills.


 I'm your podcast host. You probably already know more about me than you want to. 

My background with acupuncture is varied to say the least. It's a mix of the basic stuff we all learned in school, along with a smattering of the channel palpation that I learned from Dr. Wang Ju-Yi when I lived in Beijing. It's flavored with listening practices that come from Engaging Vitality, and most recently adds in the perspective of the six levels from the Saam acupuncture that you might have already learned about here on the podcast. 

Long story short, my work is long on touch and light on the theory. But I love the theory! It's just that when I rely on that, I usually end up with a nice picture in my mind that has little to do with the person on my table.