Jing, Qi and Shen— the three treasures. Like so many of these pithy quotes about Chinese medicine there is a lot here if you have taken the time to investigate it and see how it fits within your experience of practicing medicine.

In this conversation with Yair Maimon we touch on the three treasures as they relate to treating cancer with acupuncture, immunology from Chinese medicine perspective, and ways of working with research that help us to further our understanding of our medicine here in the modern day.

Listen in to this discussion that touches both on the classics and modern day perspectives in health and healing.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Yair got in to treating cancer patients
  • What kinds of things is TCM good at treating
  • Prevention of recurrence and the treatment of cancer
  • Researching acupuncture and Chinese medicine
  • Immunity from the Chinese medicine perspective
  • Numbers in TCM
  • The importance of good communication


Dr. Yair Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience. He is the president of ETCMA, the European TCM association.

Dr. Maimon has been leading a unique research in herbal medicine and acupuncture at Center of integrative oncology at the institute of Oncology, in the largest hospital in Israel and the middle east- Sheba Medical center. Director of Refuot integrative medicine center.

He has published several outstanding research articles in prominent scientific medical journals showing a unique, promising results on the effect of herbal medicine in cancer care and prevention. And is the President of the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Israel (ICCM).

Founder of the eLearning: TCM Academy (TCM.AC), which is an innovative online platform for expanding the knowledge of Chinese medicine worldwide.
Over the years, Dr. Maimon has developed a special insight in diagnosis and treatment of variety of psychological, autoimmune disorders and cancer, stemming from a deep understanding of Chinese medicine.

In addition to being a man of research and a teacher Dr. Maimon is a fully active integrative and Chinese medical clinician, treating numerous patients and devoted in order to ease suffering and promote healing.



Links and Resources

Visit Yair's website
And here's where you can read about the research he's been involved with


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