Is it the end of the world, or the beginning of a new one? 

That is the question of the day when cultures go through seatide changes. Ever since the turn into of this yin water rabbit year in February, we’ve been hearing about power, potential and perhaps peril of ChatGPT and the other Artificial Intelligences that have burst into the digital landscape.

What is in store for us as acupuncturists? That is the question I put to Heidi Lovie who has been getting her hands dirty with various kinds of silicon based intelligence for quite a few years now. You might not know this, but she can make Excel spreadsheet datasets dance and sing. 

We practice old medicine and we live in the modern world. AI– it’s not going away. 

Listen into this spirited conversation on data, signal, noise and in many ways, you’re already using machine intelligence.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Introduction to AI
  • AI in various tools such as calculators, smartphones, and EMR software
  • The promethean moment and the potential of AI to change us socially, culturally, and neurologically
  • Chat GPT as the latest breakthrough in AI technology
  • Overwhelming information about AI and where to start
  • AI-assisted herbal research and alternative herbs
  • Cautions about the quality of information coming out of AI and the need for critical thinking skills
  • AI's potential for nefarious use and the arms race happening
  • The changing field of acupuncture and AI's role in it
  • Different ways acupuncturists can engage with AI, including case studies and networking
  • AI for decoding raw data sets in Chinese medicine
  • Importance of technology for patient care
  • Teaching students to be stewards of AI
  • Hopes and reservations about AI

Any tool that you're using that's thinking for you, where you can kind of go a little bit on autopilot is technically AI.

Heidi Lovie, L.Ac

My patients are my teachers, my inspiration, and my heart. They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Their stories move me to tears and make me a better person. Being human is hard. Our bodies and minds, which are designed to provide an experience for our spirit, come with so many issues. But watching my patients navigate, overcome, and conquer their issues heals my own my broken humanness. I can’t imagine a better job.

I believe that the best Chinese medicine practitioners know acupuncture is a last resort. That true healing happens when blind spots are illuminated and that my job is to act as a sherpa guiding people towards the best version of themselves using Chinese medicine as the guiding light. Something transformative and magical happens when people are self empowered, given knowledge, and prescribed resources to take outside the treatment room.

You can find the full back-story to my adventures with Hashimoto's and what brought me into Chinese medicine here.



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Visit Heidi on her website.



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Chloe's passion for public health and medicine was ignited by her diagnosis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in high school and fueled by her search for holistic support for her son Remy, who has a rare genetic disorder causing global delays and epilepsy. Her work with Remy motivated her to find ways to help children with neuro-developmental issues and seizures, creating “Remy's Revenge.” The formula uses a unique and effective alchemical extraction technique called spagyrics that contains high-potency, full-spectrum plant extracts and combines the power of Eastern and Western herbal traditions to potentiate the actions of hemp.

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