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Contributors to the Summer 2021 Audio Journal

Do not accept the opinions of others like a coat you obligingly wear. Without your own self- awareness, they may smother the spark of all your dreams not yet realized.

Sam MacLean • Purpose and Path

Over the arc of my career I have worked as: a fitness professional, public speaker, university lecturer on the mind-body connection, non-profit fundraiser, integrated marketing communications specialist, and more. It took a midlife trifecta of a divorce, unemployment and a fall at the top of a mountain for me to finally re-orient my life toward a more purpose-filled career. My mission is to be of service to horses and their guardians by creating heart-centered connections that support their return to harmony through equine acupressure, myofascial release, massage, reiki and more.

Please visit her website www.rdrequine.com

She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram @rdrequine



 If you are not here, at home in yourself, where are you? Our language, body and essence call and guide us home.

Margot Rossi • Clean Language and Embodied Presence 

Margot Rossi, M.Ac. is an acupuncturist, Asian medicine practitioner, health educator, and mindfulness and movement instructor with 30 years of experience. Trained in the US and China, she is passionate about helping people cultivate awareness of their mind, body and spir- it to take charge of their well-being. Margot’s innovative health educa- tion programs on mindfulness, self care, prevention and alternative medicines have gained recognition and support by regional health agencies and federal and state governments. Margot lives with her family by the pristine waters of the South Toe River in Western North Carolina.

When you listen to a patient, ask yourself, ‘Where am I listening from?’…notice how your Qi is distributed between head, heart and hara.

Nick Pole • Clean Language and Embodied Presence

Nick Pole has 30 years experience practicing and teaching Zen Shiatsu and has also studied Seiki, NLP, Clean Language and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. He is the author of Words That Touch – How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer’, and teaches courses for mindbody therapists on how to communicate in a way that helps patients and clients to access their own healing resources and embodied intelligence.

Most businesses go about marketing exactly backward. They look at what everyone else is saying, and they say that thing too… with all the requisite buzzwords.
Excellent marketing is an inside job. In order to connect with people, your content must be rooted in a solid foundation that accurately represents your business's essential messages and promises.

MB Huwe • Attending to the Three Treasures of Marketing

MB is, among other things, a writer from and in the Appalachian mountains. She seeks to communicate healing by way of experience and observation. Tools include doodles, poems, and commentary. Results vary. Find her at marybeth.substack.com


Oran Kivity • Book Review, Finding Effective Acupuncture Points

British acupuncturist Oran Kivity trained in Europe, China, and Japan. He has been in continuous practice since 1987, specialising in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion methods and is the author of three books about moxibustion methods from Japan. He teaches internationally and has an online coaching practice, helping practitioners to develop and grow.

Grief is not a linear process by an ever changing dynamic process. There is no timeline really to it, try to be as patient in your process.

Seanna Sifflet • Covid, Grief and Healing

I am an acupuncturist, educator and former social worker who focuses on compassionate- based communication and connection in the therapeutic relationship. I hold two Master’s degrees in Social Work (MSW) and Chinese Medicine (MSTOM) and have over 20 years experience working within both of these fields. I deeply enjoy helping people in the healthcare field navigate the various dynamics within the therapeutic relationship. I believe that through practicing self-compassion and compassion towards others, you will improve therapeutic outcomes. Personally, I would describe myself as being light hearted and a big laugher.

The gift of Chinese medicine is that its a framework within which to think

Heidi Lovie • Covid, Grief and Healing

My patients are my teachers, my inspiration, and my heart. They are the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Their stories move me to tears and make me a better person. Being human is hard. Our bodies and minds, which are designed to provide an experience for our spirit, come with so many issues. But watching my patients navigate, overcome, and conquer their issues heals my own my broken humanness. I can’t imagine a better job.

True healing happens when blind spots are illuminated and that my job is to act as a sherpa guiding people towards the best version of themselves using Chinese medicine as the guiding light. Something transformative and magical happens when people are self empowered, given knowledge, and prescribed resources to take outside the treatment room.



Don't underestimate the influence of fright on the physiology

Eran Even • Using Ben Tun Tang

Chinese medicine has been a long passion of mine beginning with studies in herbal medicine 20 years ago. I completed my formal education in all branches of Chinese medicine in 2003 in both Canada and the PRC.

Numerous trips back and forth to China over the years with a focus in classical medicine lead to a PhD in classical herbal formulas at the Nanjing university of Chinese medicine under the guidance and mentorship of professor Huang Huang. Over the last 15 years I’ve had to shed old habits and relearn Chinese medicine through a classical lens. It’s my life’s work to bring this beautiful medicine to my patients and rekindle the classical wisdom through my translation work.

The healing begins when a patient feels heard

Stacey Whitcomb • In Your Business

Stacey Whitcomb is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Podcaster, Coach and Creator of Magical Networks. Prior to these adventures she was a Sports Massage Therapist and worked with professional and semi-professional cyclists for over 20 years. Stacey produces the AcuSprout podcast which focuses on helping new practitioners navigate both the emotional challenges of launching a practice as well the initial business basics. In her free time she is cultivating her own Acupuncture practice in her new town, and focusing again on working with competitive level athletes. As a true believer in building the life of your dreams, Stacey carves out time every day for a hike or gravel bike ride with her black lab, Bacon.

In martial arts and medicine alike, there is technique and there is gong fu. With technique, we have a specific trajectory with clear parameters, and we find solutions based on the function of the rational mind. With gong fu, we use our senses, intuitions and empathy to touch another person via a process which is beyond technique.

Jonathan Bluestein • Practicalities of Practice

Shifu Jonathan Bluestein is a best-selling author, a teacher and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Qi Gong, and the head of Blue Jade Martial Arts International. Together with professor Stephen Jackowicz, he has authored the book ‘Chinese Medicine Can Heal You', to be published during the fourth quarter of the year 2021. More information about him and his teachings can be read at:  www.bluejadesociety.com



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