We are here in the midst of winter cold going into the Spring Festival— the new Chinese Lunar year. It might seem strange to consider Spring as beginning in the deep middle of dark and cold, but all beginnings start in the dark. They begin before they can be seen. 

Qiological is delighted to have Gregory Done back with his perspective on the coming Wood Dragon year. This 12 year Earthly cycle of animals began anew with the Metal Rat in 2020, and we know how that shifted our world in profound ways. This past year of the Water Rabbit, as Gregory suggested, would be weird— and indeed it was.

Listen in as we review the Rabbit and consider the energies and symbols of the coming Wood Dragon, which begins a new Heavenly Stems cycle. Get ready to ride the Dragon, and know what to pack and what to leave behind.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Understanding the Symbolism of the Wood Dragon
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society
  • The Influence of the Water Rabbit on Global Events and The Transition to Wood Dragon
  • The energies of going from ultimate person yin to ultimate impersonal yang
  • The Symbolism and Energy of the Wood Dragon
  • The Impact of the Wood Dragon on Personal Growth
  • The Wood Dragon: A Year of Change and Opportunity

The Influence of the Wood Dragon on the 12 Animals

  • Year of the Rat: Embracing the Energy
  • Year of the Ox: Weathering the Storm
  • Year of the Tiger: Power and Restraint
  • Year of the Rabbit: Transformation and Growth
  • Year of the Dragon: Embracing Your Nature
  • Year of the Snake: Embracing Change
  • Year of the Horse: Weathering Challenges
  • Year of the Goat: The Peacemaker's Challenge
  • Year of the Monkey: Unleashing Playfulness
  • Year of the Rooster: Precision and Power
  • Year of the Dog: Reflection and Growth
  • Year of the Pig: Indulgence and Generosity

My most heartfelt clinical tip is to be honest about what does and doesn’t work for you and your patients – don’t get stuck in a style, system, or technique, and don’t be a “true believer.”

My name is Gregory David Done, DSOM, L.Ac. I am a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine and Polestar Astrology. I have an MA in Buddhist Studies from Naropa University and a Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. I am a published poet and author and write extensively on the Chinese tradition as taught by Liu Ming.

I am deeply interested in the immigration and cultural assimilation of Asian Wisdom and Wellness traditions in America and a vocal proponent of a pluralistic, non-sectarian approach to practice guided by traditional culture and lineage.

I currently live in Enumclaw, WA, and practice at Docere Integrated Medicine.



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Follow Gregory on his blog and read his thoughtful and detailed look at the new year through symbol, energy and manifestation.


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