Movement is life.

Movement is part of how our body communicates with itself and senses itself in the outside world. Proper and ease filled movement, be it with our emotions, the circulation of our blood, the way our joints through their range movement, and how we can move and be in the relationships, work and interaction with the 10000 things. All of this is tied in with our well-being and capacity to thrive.

In this conversation with Margot Rossi we explore the terrain of movement and sensing and how this fundamental capacity is the foundation of our life, and gives us the ability to live the seasons of our lives.

Listen into this conversation on the wisdom of the body, and how movement with attention is part of the language of wellbeing.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The freedom of moving in a space for the pure joy of discovery
  • Using the body as an antenna
  • Knowing when your movement is authentic
  • The importance of tension and resistance
  • Use the right tool for the right job!
  • How would my body move if I wasn’t thinking about how my body should move
  • Using tension or laxity to dampen down what we are feeling
  • Animals “shake off” a frightening or difficult experience, but humans usually don’t
  • Exploring our physical sensations with Clean Questions
  • The power of “and, is there anything else there?”
  • We’ve lost touch with our spontaneity, and the reptilian brain can help us to reconnect to that capacity
  • Conscious spontaneous movement is a portal into fostering humanity
  • Thoughts on activism
  • Appropriate use of anger
  • Appreciation for the language of movement

 I find centering myself between heaven and earth is a great way to start the day in clinic, opening my senses to new perspectives. I do this by simply closing my eyes, feeling/sensing the earth supporting me through contact and pressure, reaffirming its qualities of mass, steadiness, stability, nourishment. Then turning my attention to my breathing, connecting with heaven's essence of etheric expansiveness,changeability, possibility. Finally, sensing myself, from the inside, at this meeting of heaven and earth. Voila! I'm present for myself, my patients and the field we create together.

Margot Rossi, M.Ac. is an acupuncturist, Asian medicine physician, health educator, and movement instructor with 30 years of experience. Trained in the US and China, she is passionate about helping people develop an awareness of their mind, body, and spirit, and cultivate a happy, healthful life.

Margot’s innovative programs on mindfulness, self-care and prevention, alternative medicines, Dao Yin, and yoga have gained recognition from government agencies and international organizations alike. In addition to Western and Asian therapeutic movement practices, Margot has training in classical ballet, belly dance, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and modern dance.

She lives with her family by the pristine waters of the South Toe River in Western North Carolina.



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Get your own copy of Margot's wonderful book on movement and medicine, To Be Like Water.


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