In The Presence of The Emperor: Chinese Medicine Cardiology 

With Guest: Amos Ziv

Episode Qi040

There are currents in our medicine that say we should be very cautious around the heart, in fact, it’s best not to treat it directly. And even in our modern world, treating cardiac issues is something I suspect most of us would feel some uncertainty and anxiousness about as we don’t really get that kind of training here in the West.

It is easy when thinking about cardiology to think about ischemic heart events, but most of a cardiologist’s practice is about managing the various risk factors so as to help people avoid a heart attack. Or in dealing with the slow decline of aging and heart failure.

In this episode we discuss ways of approaching this vital organ, and how Chinese medicine can be used to promote a healthy heart.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • How Amos knew that cardiology was the path
  • The role of respect in approaching the heart
  • Importance of understanding the interplay of cardiovascular risk factors such as blood lipids, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and lifestyle
  • Understanding and treating palpitations and arrhythmias
  • Finding and needling Pericardium 6, Nei Guan
  • Chinese medicine in some cases can reverse heart failure
  • Memory, heart, cholesterol and statin drugs
  • Pay attention to the Liver-Pericardium-Gall Bladder axis
  • A case of heart failture helped by xiao yao san and sheng mai san
  • Hand held ECG’s can be helpful in your practice
  • How to build referral relationships with conventional cardiologists
"First we realize, then we know."
Amos Ziv

Amos Ziv M.Sc L.Ac, is the former director of clinical research in Shiram Integrated Medicine Services, Asaf Harofeh Medical Center, Israel where he headed the Acupuncture for Back and Neck Pain in the Emergency Room Clinical Trial (ABNP study). He is a graduate of the American College of TCM, San Francisco, California.

In addition to specializing in Chinese medicine cardiology, Amos is an expert in TCM channel theory applications. he studied as a personal student of Prof. Wang Ju Yi in California and China since 1999. He has published numerous articles in both TCM and scientific journals and is an invited speaker to international conferences. Amos is the owner and manager of Heaven and Earth TCM specialty clinic in Rehovot , Israel.

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