Charlotte Maxwell Clinic- A Model of Service and Effectiveness

With Guest: yvonne charles

Episode Qi076

We know that acupuncture can be helpful in the treatment of chronic or ongoing illness, and can be effective in reducing the side effects of invasive or toxic treatments that go along with a cancer diagnosis.

The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic has 27 years of experience helping low income women with a cancer diagnosis. Running an organization like this not only requires skilled volunteer practitioners, it requires a savvy business and operating model.

Listen into this conversation about an organization with a power mission and a business model that allows it to operate in a powerful and effective way.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • Twenty seven year history
  • Long term dedicated volunteers
  • Being welcoming and removing barriers
  • Services provided at the clinic
  • A whole person approach
  • Alleviating hunger
  • Being able to feel a sense of being separate from the diagnosis
  • A team approach with a single following practitioner
  • The influence of the clinic founders
  • The challenge of providing service in an area with a high cost of living
  • Sources of funding
  • Outreach and communications
  • Helping the conventional medical community feel more comfortable with herbs
  • The benefits of offering treatment only during the weekend
  • Why Charlotte Maxwell clinic is a place of hope and light
“Everyone has access to some music and a little bit of space. Dance!”
yvonne charles
I am the CEO of Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, a free integrative medicine clinic for low-income women with cancer in the SF Bay Area. I am a former hospital chaplain and find that this experience coupled with my long-time Buddhist practice serves me well at the clinic and in other aspects of my life.

While I have formally studied acupuncture, but my deeper interest lies in herbal medicines. It’s part of my life work to share traditional integrative healing modalities with those who would otherwise not have access or realize the power of what they already know.
Links and Resources

Visit the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic website to learn more about their work

There is a wealth of information about cancer and its treatment, for both your patients and yourself at Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies 

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I've always been more drawn to questions than answers. And the practice of medicine seems to more lively when infused with a sense of curiosity and inquiry. It's been delight and honor to be able to discuss our medicine with so many thoughtful and skilled practitioners.

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