Cycles of Transformation: Tang Ye Jing and Women's Health 

With Guest: Genevieve Le Goff

Episode Qi175

Chinese medicine has a treasure house of methods and treatment for women’s health. From the work of Sun Si Miao to modern day practitioners women’s health has been a key concern in our medicine. 
In this conversation with Genevieve Le Goff we explore the transformations of qi through the five phases and six confirmations as we discuss Fu Xing Jue and the mythic lost text, Tang Ye Jing. 

Listen in to this discussion of women’s health and some ways of thinking about our medicine from a non-modern perspective.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • Submerging the yang
  • Making sense of things in time and space
  • How the Tang Ye Jing fits in with other classics and treatises
  • Being your own devil’s advocate
  • Treating menstrual pain 
  • Don’t confuse the transformations of the five phases with the transformations of the six conformations
  • The Shaoyin pivot
  • Sovereign and ministerial fire
Beware of the weak pulse
Genevieve La Goff
Chinese medicine is more than just a way to help one’s fellow human beings; it is a way to approach the world and understand life and natural phenomena, from very small physiological ones to macrocosmic ones. I set out on this path to learn to be an effective physician; what I found is that learning the alchemy of plants deepened my awareness of my connection to the cosmos and all of life. 

I continually delight in studying nature as a way to deepen my practice of medicine. Classical Chinese medicine is heart-centered, both in the sense that the heart is the fire organ, the generative, qi creating force in the body and the first organ to be formed when a baby is developing; and in the sense that our hearts are the center of our experience of the universe. From my heart I can know any far corner of the universe my intention connects to. This is a great opportunity for self cultivation and kindness!
Other than that, I love my children and the ocean!
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A True Transmission of Chinese Medicine Principles, by Zheng Qinan

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