Attending to the Field of Healing

With Guest: Esther Platner

Episode Qi124

There is something about connection that goes beyond words. There is a way of engaging with those who seek our help that goes beyond the ten questions. Connection is not something we do, it’s a way we are.

In this conversation with long time practitioner Esther Platner we explore the spaces that don’t quite fit into words. Tread into territories without maps. And sit for a bit with the curiosities and surprise that arise in clinic when we attend with an open awareness.

Beyond our theory, and beyond understanding there is a way we can meet our patients with a wide-open sense of inquiry that asks us to bring everything we have, and leave behind our preconceptions. Chinese medicine has its scholarly tradition, but we don’t so often hear from the poetic.

Here’s your opportunity.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • Zero Field Theory
  • Landing on what’s true
  • A field is a region of influence
  • Sympathetic flight and flight lands us squarely in manifest reality
  • Recognizing outdate adaptations is the first step in releasing them
  • One way to strengthen and lengthen telomeres
  • Attachment is not helpful
  • Defining Health
  • How can I help today?
  • Grounding and practitioner fulcrums
  • Some words for new practitioners
“Follow the scent of what sparks your Interest and Joy. Practice Presence. Along side the infinite study of our Medicine, is the necessity to cultivated”
Esther Platner
The calling to enter the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine came my way in 1982 as a result of being catapulted out of a professional dance career, due to a severe injury and even worse surgery. What appeared to be a devastating blow was in fact the gift that directed my attention towards seeking help through acupuncture. 

My central focus is assisting those whom I have the opportunity to work with in returning to their Essential Selves. There are a number of windows of study that have become mainstays in my tool box including; SAAM, various Japanese styles, Worsley, Classical 5 Element, Cranial Sacral, Somatic Experiencing, and Nutritional counseling. What happens in the treatment room is a synthesis guided by the current need of each person, allowing for the creative process to unfold in the alchemy of presence.

At this juncture what I love the most about our medicine is that it is alive, informing us in all aspects of life, laying the foundation for living harmoniously whether working or drinking a cup of tea. It permeates my awareness that indeed, “everything is everything.”
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We talked about the work of Lynne McTaggart.

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