Fluid Physiology and Pathology

With Guest: Steve Clavey

Episode Qi191

We think of the meridians as being a connective network within the body. But it is the fluids that actually permeate all the organs and tissues, and in a sense connect and allow for communication between all aspects of the body. And at the same time provide the medium for nourishment and exchange.
In this discussion with Steve Clavey we discuss the vital role of fluids, the vast connectivity of the San Jiao, the mischief created by phlegm, and how some simple herbal formulas can make a big difference in the state of a patient’s fluids and health.
Listen into this conversation on fluid physiology and pathology and how the process of learning medicine is an ongoing investigation in proving to ourselves how this medicine works. 
In this conversation we discuss:
  • An inquiry into phlegm
  • The vast connectivity of the San Jiao
  • Manifestations of Thin Fluids
  • Considering fluids and dizziness
  • Three gentle herbs for constraint
  • Learning medicine is a process of proving it to yourself
  • Chinese medicine is a literary art
  • New insights on tongue diagnosis
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Steve Clavey

When I first got interested in Chinese medicine there were only three books in English on it, all of which contradicted each other, so I went to Taiwan to learn Chinese. After five years there doing language and medicine studies, I went to mainland China and stayed and studied another two years in both acupuncture and herbs. The last year was with Song Guangji learning Song family gynecology.
I started practice in Melbourne in 1986 and have seen mainly gynecology cases over the years, and doing more herbal treatments than acupuncture. The herbal treatments use decoction predominantly, and--as demanded in Song family gyne--emphasis on precise pao zhi (herb preparation) methods.
The best thing about this style of practice is the precision one can bring to diagnosis, differentiation and fine-tuned treatments. Detective-mind: gathering facts, discerning patterns, designing treatments -- and then seeing it work. That’s what makes Chinese medicine wonderful.
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