Hands on with Microcurrent

With Guest: Malvin Finkelstein, L.Ac

Episode Qi182

Forty years is a long time to practice medicine and gives plenty of opportunity to follow your interests while helping patients. Our medicine includes various kinds of hands on bodywork, and in this conversation we explore the use of micro current. 
While electricity is often applied to needles in our work, Malvin Finkelstein has found a way of using a micro current probe along with bodywork to bring rapid and profound changes to the underlying tissues.
Listen in to this conversation on electricity, touch and how profound change can occur right under our fingers. 
In this conversation we discuss:
  • Discovering Chinese medicine in the 70’s
  • What is microcurrent?
  • Hands on microcurrent techniques
  • Mixing microcurrent with acupuncture
  • Visceral work
  • Finding acupuncture points
  • The power of saying no
Frequently, patients come to me who have been treated by acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic or massage. The one thing missing from their therapy is learning how to not overdo daily activities. When they begin doing this, all treatments start working better.
Malvin Finkelstein, L.Ac

I have spent the past 20 years developing, refining and teaching a treatment modality called Acu-Current Therapy. It increases joint range of motion, regulates sinew and muscle elasticity, increases blood profusion to affected areas and accelerates healing time.
Acu-Current Therapy combines treatment of points in the fascia around muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints with microcurrent electricity. Each joint has points that increase range of motion.
Myofascial acupressure stretches separate adhesed fascia from muscles, tendons and ligaments to reposition muscles and joints into their correct position. Teaching patients to not over-do daily activities and exercises, coupled with therapeutic qigong stretches and ergonomics enhances and solidifies the treatment effect.
Earlier in my acupuncture career, I was chairperson of the NCCAOM, the Oregon Medical Board-Acupuncture Committee and the National Qigong Association .
For the past 40+ years, I have had a thriving acupuncture practice in Eugene, Oregon. I am devoted to my family. In my spare time, I play jazz alto saxophone.
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For more information about Malvin's microcurrent work visit his website

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