Researching the Essence of Moxa

With Guest:  Alice Douglas

Episode Qi133

Moxibustion is one of the more interesting methods in toolbox. Stunning in its simplicity and often brings deep relief for those who are a good fit for this method. It’s curious how the burning of this particular herb can bring about healing.

Alice Douglas has loved moxa since before she became an acupuncturist. In this conversation we discuss her survey of research into moxibustion. There is a lot you probably heard about moxa in acupuncture school and might have wondered, “is that really true?” Listen in and get the answers!
In this conversation we discuss:
  • The beginning of Alice’s love affair with moxa
  • Smoke and smokeless, there are differences
  • Heat, infrared radiation, smoke and particle size
  • Traditional and modern perspectives
  • Using moxa smoke to treat inflammation
  • Concerns and research around long-term exposure to moxa smoke
  • Different grades and storage of moxa
  • Some surprising uses of moxa
“Putting your patients at ease and how you make them feel is just as important as the treatment. That's what keeps them coming back.”
 Alice Douglas 
My journey with acupuncture began when I was very young. I was a patient from age 12, needing help for a serious chronic condition that was ruining my life. Acupuncture changed everything. Within 6 weeks things were significantly improved and within a year I was healed. After being exposed to the power of acupuncture first hand, I left my dreams of being a doctor behind and after finishing school, went to study acupuncture.

I believe this ancient medicine must be used uniquely for each individual, understanding old theory and current science equally, creating tailored treatments for modern people.
Every day, in both my private practice and my community multibed clinic, the power of acupuncture amazes me as much as it did when I first learnt of it.
Links and Resources

You can read Alice's research in the Journal of Chinese Medicine  

Visit Alice's website

For all you moxa fans, Alice recommends:
 The Moon Over Matsushima – Insights Into Moxa and Mugwort, written by Merlin Young, the guest of show #82

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