Physiology, Congruence and Counterflow

With Guest: Bryan McMahon, L.Ac

Episode Qi193

There is a saying in Chinese, 以人為本, Understanding a person is basis of knowing how to treat them. Our work requires we both understand our medicine, and understand how it applies to that individual who sits before us in our clinic.
In this conversation with Bryan McMahon we explore the importance of congruence in health and illness, take a look at the dynamics of counterflow that will give you a new perspective on this pathomechanism. And we’ll look into how more deeply understanding physiology will help you with difficult presentations in the clinic.
Listen in to this discussion of medicine, service and the interactions of heaven and earth through the dynamics of the five phases and six qi.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • The influences that got Bryan interested in medicine
  • Jacques Pialoux and the Heart of Medicine
  • Service is the core of a practice
  • Wen Bing and Shang Han Lun reflect each other, they are both about qi dynamics
  • The role of culture and circumstance in health
  • Chinese medicine is a medicine of physiology
  • 以人為本, Understanding a person is basis of knowing how to treat them
  • Counterflow dynamics excess and deficient
  • The vital role of congruence in health and illness
  • The five phases are of the earth and the six qi are of heaven
  • How to recognize health
Assess the resources, promote the vitality, harmonize the Spirit!
Bryan McMahon, L.Ac

Bryan McMahon is a uniquely qualified clinical practitioner, scholar and instructor of Ancient Chinese medicine (ACM). Having spent 15 in Asia, he is one of only a handful of Western practitioners to have completed the five-year traditional medical program at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, entirely in Mandarin. Bryan has been blessed to study extensively with many highly accomplished practitioners, most notably as a long-term apprentice to Dr. Li Xin.

Bryan relocated to beautiful Portland, OR in 2015, joining the faculty of the NUNM College of Classical Chinese Medicine. He maintains a clinical practice focused on the treatment of complex and often otherwise unresponsive conditions, including auto-immune disease, women’s health issues and recalcitrant skin conditions.

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