A Qing Dynasty Perspective on Channels and Points

With Guest: Michael Brown

Episode Qi110

Access to acupuncture point location and function has not always been a matter of a few clicks on your mobile phone. This kind of information has not always been at our fingertips. And there is a great wealth of material has not made its way into your digital library, let alone into English.

In this conversation we talk about knowing what’s true in Chinese medicine, the problem of cherry picking resources, and the work of translating a Qing dynasty text on acupuncture.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • What got Michael interested in diving into the Chinese language
  • How do you know what is true in Chinese medicine?
  • The problem of cherry picking references
  • Combining confucianism with yin yang and the 5 phase theory
  • Considering yin/yang from different points of view pre-Nei Jing
  • The Gallbladder as a zang and then extraordinary fu
  • Best books on pathophysiology
  • Viewing pathogenic influences through the relationships of the five phases
  • Translating an acupuncture point book with a pre-modern perspective
“Explanations of Channels and Points, will provide you insight into classical indications, as well as an understanding as to why this point does what it does, this book is a one-of-its-kind in Chinese medical history.
I also encourage those that have read a Manual of Acupuncture to go back and read it again, and start utilising the point combinations in it, it is an untapped resource!”
Michael Brown
Learning Chinese allowed me to go directly to the source of the medicine, and discover the context of the medicine that is often failed, or not conveyed very well at schools. I started at Chinese philosophy, as that was where yin and yang, and five phases were created, and then I moved on to the classics of Chinese medicine. Reading the classics gave me context that I felt was missing at schools.

I’ve finished translating a book called The Explanations of Channels and Points, the first volume contains channels from the lung to the bladder. You can hear more about this book in the interview, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.
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Purple Cloud Institute is the publisher of his book

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Michael Max

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I've always been more drawn to questions than answers. And the practice of medicine seems to more lively when infused with a sense of curiosity and inquiry. It's been delight and honor to be able to discuss our medicine with so many thoughtful and skilled practitioners.

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