A Walk Along the River, Translation and Practice of Medicine

With Guest: Michael FitzGerald

Episode Qi003

Studying medicine can be both a joyous exploration and a dry mind-numbing slog through endless technical material.

In this episode we discuss the Eastland Press book "A Walk Along the River." This book is not just a glimpse into the mind of a seasoned and well-read practitioner, but also brings in the aspect of dialogue, as his clinical cases and considerations are further illuminated by the questions posed by three doctors.

If you've ever read a book on medicine that gave you the "what" of a treatment, but left you hanging because it failed to include the "why," this book will be a useful addition to your library.
In this conversation we discuss:
  • This is an unusual book in that much of the learning is based on dialogue between Dr Yu and his students.
  • Dr Yu’s way of combining Eastern and Western medicine in a way that stays true to Eastern medicine.
  • Some thoughts on different schools of medicine.
  • Time, place, culture and circumstances all are an influence on medicine.
  • The Shang Han Lun was based on the older Tang Ye Jing
  • How translating this book has influenced clinical practice.
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do.
  • Dipping into the experience that comes before the creation of mental models.
It’s not enough to accept Chinese medicine theory, we have to think about it and understand what’s behind it.
Michael FitzGerald, L.Ac

Michael owns Stone Mountain Medicine, an acupuncture clinic and herbal pharmacy in Berkeley California. After graduating from ACTCM in San Francisco he spent 8 years in Taiwan and China continuing his studies in the clinics of many well-known physicians, including Huang Huang, Feng Shi Lun, Wang Ju Yi, Chang Bu Tao, Chen Jun Ming and others he speaks fluent Mandarin and has edited and translated numerous articles and books about Chinese medicine.
He has a lovely family that consists of his wife and two children.
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I've always been more drawn to questions than answers. And the practice of medicine seems to more lively when infused with a sense of curiosity and inquiry. It's been delight and honor to be able to discuss our medicine with so many thoughtful and skilled practitioners.

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