Our medicine is rooted in the understanding that mind, body, and spirit are integral parts of the whole – reflective of each other and inseparable in human experience.. The tools and perspectives of East Asian medicine invite us to attend to holistically healing mind-body-spirit by mediating between worlds with focused intent.
We at times journey beyond the veils of rationality and time—navigating between the seen and unseen, ancient wisdom and modern technology, the ordinary and non-ordinary reality, the magical and scientific.

This therapeutic bridge between the irrational-mystic and rational-material may seem novel to mainstream Western thinking, but it has long been understood by indigenous people through shamanism.

In this conversation with Sean Fox, we traverse the world of shamanism and how it connects with our work in the clinic. How it can be a bridge between time and reality. We explore how we can use physical sensing and guidance from non-ordinary reality to intentionally set up spaces for healing. We also touch on the role of the fascia network in Chinese medicine, the connective threads of synchronicity, the power of voice, and cultivating trust in our practice.

Listen into this discussion on shamanism and facilitating space for the harmonious interaction of body, mind, and spirit by walking between worlds.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Getting clear with your purpose
  • Exploring the layered definition of ‘intention’
  • Setting up and facilitating spaces for healing
  • Applying the quantum way of seeing to our clinical work
  • Deciphering the connective threads of synchronicity
  • First medicines and the connection of indigenous people to heaven and earth
  • Bridging the rational and irrational parts of our medicine
  • The relationship between the fascia network and acupuncture channel theory
  • Rooting our medicine in physical sensing and listening into metaphysical insight
  • Bridging the ancient ways of healing and the modern understanding of human anatomy
  • Practitioners as catalysts of healing and the power of presence
  • The power of the human voice for both the practitioner and patient
  • Cultivating trust in our practice

Cultivating the capacity to Listen Deeply will be your greatest ally in your practice and your Life.

Sean T Fox is a student and teacher of Life devoted to personal and global health. Combining modern medical understanding with the wisdom of ancient ways, Sean T acts as a bridge between these worlds.

Holding a Degree in Psychology and a Diploma of Acupuncture, he has spent over 15 years studying Chinese Medicine, Qigong, massage, yoga, energy work, shamanic healing, meditation and ceremony.

This has cultivated a broad perspective of wellness which weaves across centuries, continents and cultures. It all comes together with an open-hearted passion for helping people find greater health, harmony and happiness.


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