In this episode of Shop Talk we’re exploring cultivation as it relates to the business of acupuncture. As practitioners, we often hear about the importance of cultivation as essential for our personal and professional growth. But too often we gloss over the cultivative aspect of running a business.

In this short talk we’ll explore the potential of how running a business can make us a more well rounded practitioner. And additionally discuss how managing the business of our practice serves as a powerful tool for self-accountability, shedding light on our blind spots, fears, and areas of discomfort. Running a business is not merely a sideline endeavor but an integrated aspect of our clinical work. In short, it’s an illusion that business and medicine are separate entities.

Listen in to challenge your common assumptions, ignite introspection, and gain practical insights for integrating the cultivation of self, business, and medicine. By embracing and addressing the obstacles we create for ourselves, it’s possible to unlock new dimensions of success and provide better care to our patients.


​Michael Max, L.Ac

There is a difference between having a job and having a business.

It took me a long time to realize that wearing the hats of accountant, CEO, web designer, and marketing/sales director were not in conflict with working as a practitioner. All of these various roles/perspectives gave me insight on better understanding my patients and how the business of acupuncture fits within the intertwined ecosystems of health, commerce and culture. 

Running a business is not something we ‘have’ to do, it’s an opportunity that we ‘get’ to do. 


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