CBD, cannabidiol, has been making the rounds lately in the natural medicine world. Almost overnight it seems this botanical has popped onto the scene and there are lot of claims as to it health benefits.

As Chinese medicine practitioners we are already familiar with some of the benefits of hemp seed, and as practitioners in the modern world we might like to incorporate something as useful as CBD. But how does this botanical fit into our thinking and practice? And where is the research, that is so readily touted, come from given that cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level?

Listen in to explore not only the modern research on CBD along with the differences between hemp and cannabis, but more importantly how to consider this medicinal from a Chinese medicine point of view.

In this show we:

  • Learn what CBD is and what it does
  • Discuss balancing the ratio of CBD to THC
  • Take a look at endo canabanoid system
  • Investigate the Yin and the Yang of CBD
  • Explore how cannabis medicine needs to be a personalized medicine
  • Look at the historical of use hemp and cannabis
  • Learn how to dose correctly
  • Focus on how to pay attention to manufacturing so you know you're getting a quality product
  • Review the legality of CBD and THC

The guest of this show 

My name is Chad Conner and I have over 18 years of experience developing and overseeing successful, integrative medicine centers in both the United States and abroad. As a  licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and massage therapist with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, I have provided Chinese Medical services to the University of San Diego medical school free clinic, and San Diego Hospice while also running a successful private practice for 18 years. I have also served as an assistant professor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

While I was abroad for over 13 years, I co-founded Ananda Health Center’s in Casablanca Morocco. Ananda was the first Multi- Disciplinary Wellness Center’s in Morocco, offering Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki. We also had many international experts give trainings and workshops at the Center. My treatment styles included Japanese Acupuncture and mixing process orientated psycho-emotional techniques to my practice. During my time in Morocco I founded Institute of Wu Wei, the first Acupuncture school in Morocco which met once a month for a 4 year formation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I partnered with the oldest Acupuncture School in France, SPERE, and had many students pass their Acupuncture certification in France.

Currently, I'm a co-founder of Pure Ratios, a vertical integrated medical Cannabis company specializing in combine eastern natural medicine and western scientific research to create unique products. As such, Pure Ratios is home to the award-winning 96 Hour Topical Reservoir Patch, Patented Lozenges, Aromatherapy infused Vape Cartridges, Herb infused CBD and THC Topicals.

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