Where do we come from, where are we headed and what should we do in the interim? Is the blueprint of our life set in stone, or do we have the free will to control our destiny? It is so very human to contemplate our mortal fate and infinitesimal position in the cosmos.

But what if the answers to life’s most elusive questions are written in the stars? What if we can catch a glimpse, a silhouette, or a knowing of how our stories unfold? According to Chinese Polestar Astrology life is a dance between Fate, Nature, and Character; factors that intertwine to create patterns and layers that define our existence. Understanding or deciphering their reciprocity may hold the answer to our life’s purpose—giving us a roadmap to better navigate the human realm.

In this conversation with Gregory Done, we glimpse into the experience of being human—including our sense of self, the unique gift of reflective consciousness, and the influences that impact us to shape our existence. As Gregory explains, fate is malleable. We can steer it, and it can in turn, steer us. We also explore the role of the Oracle and how the influences of our ancestors impact us.
Listen into this discussion on how character, nature, and fate interact to shape and give meaning to our experiences through the ancient lens of Chinese Polestar Astrology.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Gregory found his way into Polestar Astrology—and the ‘intertwining’ influences of his upbringing.

  • The different bodies we inhabit – Peeling back the layers of our existence in this realm.

  • Human life as a dance between character, nature, and fate.

  • Fate vs. Free Will – Are we conditioned? Can we create or change our fate?

  • What gets reborn if there is no self? The entangled influences of our ancestors.

  • Going with the flow of our experiences.

  • What are you here for? Finding your purpose; finding meaning.

  • Chinese medicine as an applied aspect of Chinese philosophy.

  • Stimulating the body’s capacity to heal itself – “Acupuncture hooks people up with other parts of themselves.”

  • The role of the Oracle as a guide in Polestar Astrology; a shamanistic influence; a divining rod for other people.

  • The thin line between mental illness and having Oracle energy—and how to control that influence.

  • Everything is fundamentally trying to survive; everything is trying to eat.

  • The influences we are in now, and the future repercussions.

“It is important to understand that participation in any of the Asian contemplative traditions is not simply a means to achieve expertise – it is committing to a life-long path of self-cultivation. In Asian traditions, education is not only a method of gaining knowledge, but also of developing empathy and a way to artfully express that empathy in the world. Empathy develops when we abandon the notion that expertise is a kind of perfection. In fact, recognizing that we are irreversibly the way we are is a truly great accomplishment. As it turns out, great accomplishment does not offer certainty.” – Liu Ming

Gregory David Done, DSOM, L.Ac. is a practitioner of Classical Chinese Medicine and Polestar Astrology and an authorized teacher of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Tantric Yoga. Gregory has an MA in Buddhist Studies from Naropa University and a Doctor of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine. He is a published poet and author who has written extensively on the Chinese tradition as taught by Liu Ming.

As an avid student of Asian wisdom and wellness traditions from an early age, Gregory is deeply interested in the immigration, cultural assimilation, and nature of Asian traditions in America and is a vocal proponent of a pluralistic, non-sectarian approach to spiritual practice guided by traditional culture and lineage.

He currently lives in Walla Walla, WA, where he practices at the Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic.


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