A Computer Guy's Guide to Marketing

by Michael Max | With Guest: Neil Matthews

If you think that the experience a computer guy around building his business has nothing to do with those of an acupuncturist's, think again.

Those of us that run a small service business, be it banging out CSS code or twirling needles, have a lot more in common that you might see on first glance.

I first met Neil almost ten years ago when I blew up my clinic's website.

Over the years as we've gotten to know each other it became obvious that we often faced the same exact issues when it came to marketing, promotion and client relationships.

Sometimes it is helpful to get a little distance from our usual struggles and hear how someone in a seemingly unrelated field solves the business problems that we face on a regular basis.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Neil got started with a “business.”
  • Asking for referrals
  • Automating your outreach process and being sure your outreach adds value
  • To cozy up with Google,  make sure your website is https secure
  • It’s vital to establish trust with your online presence
  • Never be scared to teach people not to use your services
  • Success in business brings its own new variety of problems
  • Running the financial side of the empire, pay yourself first
  • The importance of separation between life and work
  • Don’t bounce business ideas off of friends that aren’t self employed
  • Online courses
  • Productizing your services
  • Finding the right people to bring on your team
  • WP Dude’s advice on the new GDPR standards and what acupuncturists need to know
  • Think mobile these days for promoting your business


Think mobile first when building your website, people are not jumping onto their desktop to look for your services they are flipping out their phones. 

Hi, I'm Neil Matthews. I'm a techie that helps people build websites, not a stick needles into people person 🙂
I'm based in the UK where I run my Website agency to help small business owners develop their website.
I'm passionate about building small business online, we live in an amazing time where I can work with people across the road from my small home office.


Visit Neil's website (especially if you need some help with WordPress) at www.wpdude.com