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by Michael Max | With guest, Iselin Svalastog

Maybe you were one of those people who learned in English class that you weren’t very good at the standardized form of writing they were trying to teach. Perhaps you thought you weren’t a good writer. And you might want to reconsider that, because copywriting is a lot like talking. And it is about being expressive.

In this conversation with Iselin Svalastog we explore the importance of putting your authentic voice on your website. And how there is a way to write that is persuasive , informative, connective and honest.

Many people think that advertising and marketing is about manipulation, but the most effective marketing is about communicating in a way that is connective, respectful and helpful. Listen in to this conversation on creating compelling content that will make you show up more often in a Google search. And better yet, have people call you for an appointment because they connected with what they read on your website.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Copywriting was not really on the radar, psychology and neuroscience was
  • How to frame a sentence
  • Keep your audience in mind. What do they want? What are they looking for? What do they like?
  • Old and new marketing
  • Copywriting is easier than you think
  • Commonly seen big mistakes with copywriting
  • Bernadette Jiwa
  • Helpful questions to get into the mind of the person who is looking for your website and service
  • Copyhackers is a great resource
  • Call to action vs call to value
  • Own your value!!
  • The 10/90 rule
  • The tighter the niche, the higher the impact
  • Writing with integrity
  • Make your writing about them, not about you
  • The six P’s: Principles, Purpose, People, Personal, Perception, Product

Iselin Svalastog

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I like to think that we each have an inner force that guides us towards our best life. I was introduced to copywriting when I was beginning a new chapter of my life.

I now make my living as a freelance copywriter, specializing in the medical and holistic health industry. I never intentionally set out to pursue copywriting; the profession found me. I discovered copywriting during a time when I needed to take charge of my career. When I studied content marketing and copy, there was something about it that resonated. I’ve always been a strong writer. My background in psychology and neuroscience lends itself very well to communicating clearly and slipping into the minds of the target audience. That inner force within me gave me a little nudge – as if to say, ​go for it. ​I love the work I do, and I haven’t looked back.

When it comes to acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I feel amazed – almost bemused – by the power it can have on the body. I had a very profound experience with acupuncture a few years ago. I once struggled with severe adult acne. (My doctor even told me point blank that my skin would never properly heal). When I finally tried acupuncture, I was astounded. Within 6 months my skin cleared, and it’s remained that way ever since. That experience fundamentally changed the way I perceived health and the human body, and it also influenced my decision to work with holistic health practitioners as a copywriter. My goal is to support acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners to promote their beautiful profession through content marketing and copywriting. I truly admire and respect the work that you do. With effective copy, you have the power to protect the integrity of your profession, educate the public of your specialty and promote the​ value​ that you bring to healthcare.



Links and Resources

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Here's fill-in-the-blank exercise that Iselin finds to be helpful:
My one reader is __________, who wants to _________. They came here expecting _________ . I want them to believe ___________ so they take action.


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