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The Challenge of Ethics in a Healing Relationship

Ethics is not about answers-- it opens up bigger and more painful challenges.
As East Asian medicine practitioners, healthy, and impactful relationships with our patients can greatly contribute to the therapeutic success and the professional success of our practice. Healthy healing relationships require understanding the sacred container of the therapeutic relationship. 

This goes beyond simply establishing do and don’t boundaries. We need to know how to think and navigate these boundaries.
Goals and Objectives
  • The bigger challenges that the ethics of practice opens up 
  • What happens when we violate the container of the therapeutic relationship 
  • The power differential in the healing relationship
  • The ethical responsibility to ourselves as the practitioner

Course Requirements
NCCAOM National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Professional Development Activity (PDA) points are awarded for active learning that is earned in an in-person or e-learning environment. 

Registrants must complete all modules in the course, including a mandatory worksheet, and pass the end of course assessment. Passing is 70%.
Meet Your instructor

Laura Christensen,  L.Ac

I never planned to be an acupuncturist. My participation in this medicine evolved from curiosity about how to use safe and natural methods of healing to help people. Various events, people's comments, my own curiosity, and inner wisdom have brought me to where I am now.
I love the fact that I work in a medicine where I can come to work and face a new challenge every day and keep learning. I'm afraid of thinking I've got it figured out. I know that leads to bad outcomes for our patients. We must continue to question ourselves, stay curious about the medicine, and be honest about our mistakes and shortcomings.
Enthusiasm is wonderful, but now that I am an older practitioner I find more comfort in curiosity and not knowing. This makes some other practitioners uncomfortable, but I know that each health journey is unique. A big challenge is actually patient education and managing their expectations for treatment. I work hard to help patients become owners of their health journey and help them stay focused on what they can do for themselves with my assistance. As a profession we still have a huge amount of education to do, to help our patients and future patients understand what to expect from our medicine and how to gain the most from what we do.

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