Chinese medicine reminds us that we are one part of a complex, interdependent and ever evolving ecosystem. That we both influence and are influenced by the world. Our toolmaking ability has wrought remarkable changes on the world, and on ourselves.

In this conversation we look into the prevelence of manmade electromagnetic radiation, how it has dramatically proliferated in the past 40 years, and how some common health complaints could be a sign how the increase in electromagnetic fields in our living spaces might be effecting our wellbeing.

Listen in to this discussion that gives us some of the basic science behind the technology that allows you to read this on your mobile device, and how we are at the very beginning of starting to understand the effect of electromagnetic radiation on human health.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Brandon’s health issues lead to his interest in non-nativeelectro-magnetic fields
  • Short introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Humans living in an ever-increasing world of non-native electro-magnetic fields is kind of a long term experiment
  • It took a long time to realize that cigarette smoke had adverse health effects, it might take us decades to understand how microwaves influence human health
  • Wifi is the low hanging fruit in your personal living space
  • Potential issues that sensitive people have wifi
  • Measuring the electro magnetic fields in your home
  • The issue with smart meters
  • Four lines of evidence that microwave radiation has an impact on DNA and cellular health
  • How the environment health perspective can help us be better Chinese medicine practitioners

Zongbai is Ht-8, only needled through the back of the hand via the triple burner channel. For contralateral low back and hip pain, needle deeply at zongbai into the heart channel until a muscle fasciculation is observed (or felt by the patient) for optimal results.

Brandon LaGreca, L.Ac

Brandon LaGreca is a 2005 graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Wisconsin, and is nationally certified in the practice of Oriental Medicine.

In 2015, Brandon was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, achieving full remission eight months later following an integrative medicine protocol without the use of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Brandon created his Empowered Patient Blog to share his experience growing stronger through and beyond cancer.

He now lectures and writes extensively on holistic cancer therapies and is a columnist for Acupuncture Today. He is also the author of Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution.

Brandon directs an integrative medical clinic in East Troy, Wisconsin where he specializes in whole-food nutrition, ancestral health, and environmental medicine.

Links and Resources

Visit Brandon's Website
Here's a link to his book on electromagnetic radiation

Here are some links for devices that will allow you to measure various electromagnetic fields:
For AC electric & magnetic: Trifield TF2
For RF or microwave radiation: Acoustimeter AM-10
For voltage transients: Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter

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