Traditions tell a story. They hold and transmit insights into cultural, religious, and sometimes medical practices. They can give us a glimpse into how family lineages consider and refine aspects of medicine  learned in the institutional settings. 

In this conversation with Dr. Shoubin Yu and Anthony DiSalvo, we explore some of the methods and perspectives of the Yu Family Chinese medicine traditions. Anthony is an apprentice of Dr. Yu—carrying down the Yu Family methods that go back over 500 years. We talk about the history of this family lineage, its underlying theories, and why it’s important to teach people how to utilize Chinese massage (Tuina) to overcome illness and prevent the onset of acquired diseases.

Listen into this discussion on generational health, Tuina massage, and the perspectives that characterize the Yu Dayi Method.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Passing Chinese Medicine down the family line – The family story of Dr. Yu going back to the 1500s
  • The backstory of Anthony DiSalvo – The protocol he used to change his state of health and learning Tuina massage (the Yu Dayi Method)
  • Self-Tuina and Self-Acupressure – Blending Traditional points with the Yu Family’s microsystem
  • The Yu Family’s unique approach to Distal Gua Sha – Treating Bell’s Palsy
  • Gauging the success of treatment – Subjective and objective measurements
  • Creating a sense of confidence and comfort with Chinese Medicine patients
  • Generational health – The idea that Chinese Medicine is for everybody
  • The Yu Dayi method of stimulating acupressure points away from the problem area/area of injury
  • Frequency and amplitude of the massage
  • The one needle one point theory

Observe the tongue qualities of your patients before, during and after sessions. This will help one gain insight into the results of particular techniques and help understand the effectiveness of the treatment.

Master Shoubin “Jia” Yu is a California board certified Acupuncturist. He is the only practicing descendant of Yu's style of acupuncture that originated from the Muping County of Shandong Province, China. The Yu family has handed down their TCM methods for more than 600 years. Master Yu has studied TCM since 1978 and has independently treated patients since 1987. His areas of clinical expertise include acupuncture for traumatology, sports medicine, TCM orthopedics, reproductive disorders and internal medicine with personalized herbal formulas.

Anthony DiSalvo is a California board certified Acupuncturist. He has been apprenticing with Master Yu for 8 years with interdisciplinary training involving martial arts, tuina, acupuncture and custom Chinese herbal formulas. Anthony was taught a process of naturally overcoming his lifelong issues with environmental and food allergies, mental deficits and weak immune system following Master Yu’s TCM methods. He wishes to pass on what he learns to his patients.



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