Like quantum physics, our medicine is built on a sense of connection and potential. It inhabits the reality of a unified field where the boundaries of mind and matter, time and space, rest and motion, or sickness and health blur. Humans are part of a universal continuum, a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm.

The timeless and dynamic experience of East Asian medicine teaches that well-being or healing hinges upon cultivating the uninhibited flow within the human existence—including the structural body and the energy field. And as practitioners, we should be attentive enough to induce a sense of synchrony between our rhythms and the universal pulse of qi in order to create room for healing and mediate the unification of the energy within and around.

In this conversation with Beth Hazzard, we explore sensing and perception in the clinic through the lens of Quantum Shiatsu, which blends physicality, field dynamics and mindset. We discuss our multidimensional reality, tuning into the energetic field, how to grasp and tap into the innate intelligence of qi to promote healing, and interaction with the meridian system.

Listen into this discussion on how sensing influences perception, and how to develop a capacity to gather and move forward with the information gathered in clinic.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • What is qi, really? Understanding qi from a unified physics viewpoint
  • Three decades of Shiatsu: Beth Hazard’s journey through East Asian medicine
  • Developing a capacity for sensing
  • The nuts and bolts of looking and being attentive to the field
  • Tuning into the field and peeking through the veils of time in clinic
  • Focusing on pathology vs. working with the innate intelligence of a patient’s qi
  • The felt sense of different meridians
  • Separating your imagination from perception
  • The importance of self-cultivation as a practitioner
  • Being neutral to experiences and outcomes

Although patients often come in with a chief complaint it’s important to frame your mindset
around the innate health and vitality of their Qi.

Expand your vision to observe the receiver’s entire Qi field. This is a technique to cohere your
intention with the receiver’s connection to the fundamental structure of the Quantum field.

Greetings! I’m Beth Hazzard, Licensed acupuncturist, Shiatsu practitioner, and co-founder of Portland School of Shiatsu.
I met my teacher Pauline Sasaki in 2002. Learning from Pauline changed my life. Shedeveloped Quantum Shiatsu, a style that utilizes quantum physics in its theory and techniques. Istudied with Pauline until she passed away in 2010.
In 2006 I applied to Oregon College of Oriental Medicine’s Masters program and was also asked to TA in their Shiatsu program. I taught in their Shiatsu department until 2019, and graduated in 2010.

I currently study Unified Physics with the Resonance Science Foundation. As my understanding of the fundamental field that unifies all scales of the universe unfolds, I discover more about the medicine I practice and teach. I am deeply moved by my work in this world and have always known that teaching and innovation are at the heart of my life path.


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