The first episode of Qiological aired at the end of August in 2017. I’d gotten more than a few emails from practitioners telling me how much they liked my previous podcast experiment…. Everyday Acupuncture, and that was surprising to me because I did not make that podcast for acupuncturists, it was aimed at the general public. So Qiological was an inquiry into seeing if acupuncturists and East Asian medicine practitioners might enjoy a podcast that goes more deeply into the medicine we share. 

Turns out…. Yes. As we are coming up on 300 conversations now. 

Starting today, the podcast is again freely available to all and will carry sponsorship advertising in each episode. 

I’ve got more details about the changes to the podcast in this short solo show that commemorates five years of Qiological, along with some thoughts on medicine, practice and this new Gutenberg Press we call podcasting. 

The answer is blowin' in the wind…..

In the 20+ years since graduating from acupuncture school I’ve had the great good fortune to practice medicine, study in Taiwan and China, translate a book on herbs and start a podcast. All of these have been the harvest of following a hunch, of hearing a kind of invitation within an opportunity and risking that path of discovery.

All these experiences have taught me there is something powerful about dialogue. It shows up in all aspects of our lives. It’s a way of getting feedback from our environment. I see it as a kind of gift from the Muse, that part of Heaven which is always whispering in our ear as it seeks for an opportunity to be expressed on Earth.

Dialogue has always been a part of Chinese medicine, and conversation allows us to better understand ourselves as we seek to understand others.



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