Qiological Live
Frequency, Resonance and Vibration

Human in the middle has always been understood as the field of interaction of Heaven and Earth as well as having agency in and of itself. How this plays out in the functioning of a human being directly relates to our topic of the day. The link between Heaven, Earth and Human lies in resonance. In this talk, we will cover the nature and value of frequency and resonance in a greater understanding of CM and its utility in treatment.

The discussion goes beyond simplistic ideas of sound as the only form of practical resonance and discusses multiple other types of resonance within and from outside the physical form. Channel and point interactions will be given as examples to illustrate many of these ideas as will certain ancient ideas of cosmology and how the Heavens and Heavenly bodies were thought to influence the entire being.


In this real time event we will
  • Exploration of the various levels of frequency and vibration in the human being
  • Brief discussion of classical understandings of Human in relation to Heaven and Earth and how this relates to resonance
  • Overview of Qi anatomy in relation to resonance
  • Discussion of the clinical use of resonance with regard to various diagnostic and treatment modalities

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Photo: Adam Gonzales, from Unsplash

Live event fee $35, length 90 minutes


An exploration of changing perspectives and the reformatting of clinical reasoning

Photo: Marina Zong, Unsplash

Your Instructor For This Class

Brenda Hood, PhD

I was born and raised in Peace River, Canada. Then wound up going to China to study Chinese medicine after I became disillusioned with a degree in psychology. I spent over twenty years there being completely enamored with the medicine and acquiring a few degrees. After returning to North America spent some years teaching Foundations of CM and other basic courses at NUNM. I’m back up in Canada now working on a foundations book to explain the energetic and philosophical bases of the medicine with an eye to using the classics and historical texts as my sources.

Clinically, I started out using the TCM system, but I couldn’t really get it to work like I thought it should. I stepped out of CM academia and spent a lot of time with “folk practitioners” and cultivators. There are a lot of hidden gems in China though living there and speaking/reading the language was definitely required. Through this, I discovered I could feel and sense the Qi in the channels and eventually began to get a sense of the Qi field of my patients. I learned to manipulate these with herbs and acupuncture to help my patients return to health.