Ghost points.

Read those words and let the sound echo into your head, your heart and body.

Ghost points. Just the words carry an energy. An energy of spirit, of embodiment, or not. The words suggest something of the spirit that can go astray. Like a decision to never let a particular bad experience ever happen again, or on the other side, the addictive desire to recreate again and again something of the sublime.

In this conversation with Ivan Zalava we consider the realm of spirit, ghosts, embodiment and psycho-emotive states that can generate a reality of their own..

Listen into this discussion of memes and slogans as modern “possession”, trance states for shifting consciousness and a Chinese medicine view of ADHD.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The meaning of “ghosts” in Chinese medicine
  • Sun Simiao's 13 Ghost Points and treating manic conditions
  • Ghosts and mental disturbances across cultures
  • Memes and slogans as modern “possession”
  • In considering ghosts, the question is how does it affect the shen 
  • Trance states for shifting consciousness
  • Ghost are always yin pathogens and they obstruct the function of the Shen/consciousness
  • Herbal strategies for expelling ghosts
  • Ghosts representing invisible latent pathogens
  • ADHD from a Chinese medicine view
  • Interplay of wind, damp, and phlegm
  • Connections between shen and body
  • Treating possession states
  • The critical commentary of Xu Da Chuan

When treating psycho emotional disorders, one’s own spirit has to be stronger than the patient. Ghosts are a type of yin, therefore one must cultivate light, heart yang, to expel the turbid Mo Gui 魔鬼. To cultivate this yang, one should have a practice that directly connects you to the primordial spirit.

Ivan Zavala, L.Ac

Ivan Zavala II is the founder of Cloudgate Acupuncture and specializes in autoimmune, oncological disease and general internal medicine. He was the Department Head of Foundational Theory and Advanced Diagnostics and professor at Chicago College of Oriental Medicine, where he developed and taught several foundational classes and advanced herbalism and acupuncture methodologies and diagnostics. 

Ivan is also an international lecturer in Latin America and Europe, where he teaches Shang Han Lun and Tung style acupuncture. As a practitioner and professor of Chinese medicine, his interests lie in treating severe and complex disease with direct insight and guidance from the Chinese medical classics. 

Over the years, he has answered thousands of clinical and medical literature questions of practitioners from around the world, becoming a specialist in the illumination of the canonical corpus into practical application


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(You'll find a great series of short talks on the Ghost Points and Ghost Pulses as well)


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