We learn in acupuncture school that the body, mind and spirit are woven together into the tapestry of one’s life. We learn that each of the yin organs has a spirit aspect, and that we can’t touch the body without touching the mind and vise versa. And yet there are blockages that are lodged more in the psycho-emotive realm and can at times prevent healing on the physical level.

In this show we explore the healing of emotional trauma. Investigate some ways of thinking about how to interact with the spirit aspects of the organs, how facial diagnosis can help both with understanding where a patient’s problem is lodged and if our treatment is having an effect, and how channel palpation can lead us directly to blockages and help us make choices about choosing effective points.

In addition we discussion some self-care practices for patients and get an overview of CT’s thoughtful and clinically based book on healing emotional trauma.

Listen in for a wide ranging discussion on working with emotions, trauma and some useful diagnostic tools that both allow you to diagnose and check the effectiveness of your treatment.


In this show we explore

  • How CT got into treating emotional imbalances
  • A simple grounding treatment
  • Explore the spirit aspects of the five Yin organs
  • Self care practices for patients
  • The use of facial diagnosis and the organ chart
  • Using channel palpation and the influence of Dr. Wang
  • CT's book on the treatment of emotional trauma

The guest of this show 

Having experienced emotional trauma as a child and as a young adult, I was motivated to delve deeply into the nature of spirit. Beginning with practicing meditation and then going to graduate school for Chinese medicine, the nature of balancing emotions intrigued me and inspired me to further study with several prominent teachers in the field of Chinese medicine and shamanism.

My teachers’ insights provided me with several tools to stabilize patients after they had experienced an emotional trauma. Once their energy was grounded, I could use techniques to soothe the triggering of the trauma memory and address their individual emotional/spirit imbalances. Through working with patients to resolve emotional trauma, I discovered effective methods to transform trauma and enable the patient to step into their full potential.

After treating patients for emotional trauma for 15 years, I was asked by Singing Dragon publishers to write a book detailing the various treatments and self-care methods I utilize in my clinic. The undertaking was a healing one for me and supported me to step more fully into my being.

I teach these diagnostic and treatment techniques internationally and enjoy practicing Chinese medicine in Salem, Oregon. For more information, visit www.redwoodspring.com.


Links and Resources

Visit CT's website

CT's book on Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine is available at: Amazon in North America, Singing Dragon, Amazon UK, and China Books in Australia.
His drumming CD Resonating Vitality is available on the big river of books, where you can also listen to samples.

Visit the Lotus Institute to learn Chinese Face Reading
Dr. Leon Hammer's website also has a lot of information on treating psycho-emotive issues
Master Zhongxian Wu's website
CT also finds the Tung Style acupuncture to be helpful, learn more here and here
Singing Dragon, the publisher of CT's book has a wide selection of books on East Asian medicine

Books that you might find helpful include:

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches – TianGan DiZhi: The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions by Master Zhongxian Wu
Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine: Wang Ju-Yi's Lectures on Channel Therapeutics by Wang Ju-yi, Jason D. Robertson
Chinese Pulse Diagnosis: A Contemporary Approach (Revised Edition) by Leon Hammer
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk



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