One of the great things about podcasts is that it’s not difficult to find one that lines up with your particular interest. Chinese medicine practitioners are fortunate to have podcasts like Heavenly Qi that allow us to listen in to conversations that go deep into the workings of our medicine and bring you the perspective of experienced clinicians.

This discussion in this episode is with the creators of the Heavenly Qi podcast where we explore how this new medium allows us to learn from other practitioner’s and some ways in which this new on-demand technology might change some of the ways we can provide learning and continuing education.

Storytelling has always been an essential element in how people learn and share information. Listen in for the story of how Heavenly Qi got started and where podcasting fits into within our long tradition of discussing medicine.


In this episode we discuss:

  • How story is an essential way that humans connect, and it’s a way humans have shared information for millennium.
  • The ways in which hosting a podcast show can change your own practice.
  • Podcasting as a way to learn from experienced practitioners, and the ways that a podcast is different than attending a class or
  • webinar.
  • Cycles of knowing and not knowing, and how the more you learn the more realize you know but a drop of the ocean.
  • The connection between Chinese medicine and epigenetics.
  • How Chinese medicine isn’t just interested in the “problem,” but what someone’s experience of life is like.
  • The power and transformative nature of listening.
  • The future of podcasting in the Chinese medicine field
  • The pernicious lure of social media and what it does to our attention.
  • Study what you’re not interested in while in study, because you won’t once you’re in practice and your patients might need that.
  • The original magic of acupuncture

Clinic Tip:
I have found it really important to know what you are interested in and what is the ideal patient for you. We tend to be in practice for years before we consider not just if we are an ideal practitioner, but who is the ideal patient? If you can build your practice around your ideal patients, then you will be happier and more successful sooner.

The guests of this show 

Phiona Gritsam

I am very interested in how people heal with the catalysts of realization and natural medicines. I am interested in how people can transform suffering from experiencing the big things in life, like major illnesses, mental health challenges, and events like birth and death. I am also curious in how the species is going to evolve and what kinds of collective choices we are going to make with what we are currently confronted with. My purpose is to help steer these evolutions from the best parts of humanity, and to help to re-empower humanity towards positive transformations.

I worked in a few different locations in Australia. I love science fiction and ideas that explore our genetic evolutionary potential. I ended up studying Nutritional Genomics and integrating that with Chinese Medicine, because I realized that cultivating our health is a wisdom of Jing, and Jing is another way of perceiving our genetic potential. At this time some science does demonstrate that we are evolving more rapidly than in previous eras. Thanks to the introduction of thousands of new chemicals that interact with our genetic expression and biology, due to the widespread realization that we could be pushing ourselves to the brink of survival, I believe that both nature and ourselves are pressing the genetic accelerator for good and for bad.

I see that Chinese Medicine carries the greatest wisdoms for identifying and cultivating the right lifestyle for unique individuals. Combining my work with nutritional genomics has taken my mission to the next level and surprised even me with where I want to go now. In the past 5 years of clinical focus, I have been specializing in chronic illnesses, auto-immune, mental health and cancer. I also became a step-mum in the past few years, and it furthered the shift in my nurturing energy where now I want to reach many more people than I can in the one on one clinical position.

In 2018 comes a shift from clinical focus to producing my ‘life's work' products. I have developed many recipes for natural medicinal edibles and topicals that bridge the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, Chinese herbs, and culinary delights. I am working to get these onto the market for practitioners and the public. I am also focusing on the educational work I do for our industry with the Heavenly Qi podcast and we have some interesting new expansions coming for you all.

Clare Pyers

I am a doctor of Chinese Medicine with 15 years experience in the health industry. I am also a published author on natural medicine, and I teach and mentor other practitioners in my areas of expertise. I believe that everyone has the right to have their health concerns taken seriously, and to have an experienced practitioner work with them as they away from of illness and towards health.

My big vision is to help 1 million people to overcome their health problems by 2030. I want to have natural approaches to health become part of the mainstream approach so that our global community can start to break the chain of suffering and chronic illness.

Clinic tip:
First and foremost, be a practitioner. Don’t tell them what they want to hear, tell them what they need to know. Sometimes the kindest thing to do for your patient is to have a very stern conversation with them.

Links and Resources

For more about what Phiona is doing with Nutritional Genomics, other projects and clinical work visit her website.

Here is Clare's book on analyzing blood work from a Chinese medicine perspective.
Clare also has an app that covers analyzing blood from a Chinese medicine perspective.
For information about Clare's webinars and classes, visit her website.
Fan of Facebook? Here's Clare's page.
Have an interest in fertility? Clare is organizing a conference.

It goes without saying that listening to the Heavenly Qi Podcast is a good use of your time.

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