No one gets through life without difficulties. We all carry wounds and the consequences of the meanings we’ve made in the moments of heartbreak, fear and confusion.

In this second conversation with Randle Lyons we discuss the dark forest of transformation. How our wounds can be a source of healing, if properly digested and how it’s harder to surrender when you have something to lose.

Listen into this conversation on addiction and what can happen when we work with an open mind and heart when exploring story, experience and belief.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Stepping into the dark forest
  • What is the definition of trauma in our society as language and culture change?
  • No one makes it into adulthood without some kind of trauma, abuse or heartbreak
  • The gift comes from the wound, if you’ve digested the experience
  • The problems that arise when fright suspends and freezes the qi
  • It’s harder to surrender when you have more to lose
  • What heartbreaking choice have you built your life around?
  • Addiction is a cycle, it’s about belief
  • Wonderful results can happen when we work with the open minded and open hearted
  • The watery boundary between psychotherapy and acupuncture
  • Story, Experience and Belief

Respecting boundaries is…both a medicine and a practice.
It is a perfect example of a balanced manifestation of Yin Yang.
Like the dance between the Ying & the Wei, we receive the deep nourishment of having our boundaries respected – we're seen, heard and known. And simultaneously, we apply the effort that is necessary for the protection of, and to continuously achieve, our best health.
This is both a medicine and a practice.

Randal Lyons has helped himself and thousands of others achieve sobriety using Chinese Medicine for the past 27 years. A graduate of Emperor's College, he's consulted for dozens of world-class addiction treatment facilities and has taught internationally.

Currently, his focus is Alchemist Recovery, an online program that creates collaboration among CM practitioners, western doctors, mental health counselors and businesses that are in need of support for those struggling with addiction.



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