With the novel coronavirus spreading through the world, health care practitioners of all stripes are offering treatments and methods to "boost immunity." Patients and consumers are also keen to find and purchase products with this claim as well. Is immunity what we are looking for, or would it be better to cultivate a vital resiliency?

Chinese medicine does not have an immune system in the same way that we think about it with modern bio-medicine. It’s not that there is a lack processes that help the body to maintain its integrity and function— there are. But those processes are less about identifying and killing intruders, and more about helping the body to adapt and respond.

Each individual will response a little differently to infections or external invasion, and the state and strength of our vitality also plays a key role.

In this panel discussion with Laura McGraw, Toby Daly and Chris Powell we take a look at the “immune response” from the Chinese medicine point of view.

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