Love it or hate it, social media has seeped its influence into many corners of our lives. Most people have at least one social media platform that acts as a kind of morning news, local gossip coffee shop, private printing press, or digital campfire where we gather to tell and listen to stories. Stories that can incite riots, or stories that remind us of our shared humanity.

In this conversation with Andrea Dewhurst we take a look at Instagram and how it can be used to create a community that ties together learners of East Asian medicine. And how it can be a creative medium for promoting your practice.

Listen into this discussion of how Instagram can be used in a positive fashion to connect, along with some of the digital tools that make the process easier. And how sometimes the element of constraint gives you the freedom to engage simplicity in the curation and creation of content that is helpful in facilitating learning.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to learn medicine when you’re in the process of learning how to learn again?
  • Surprisingly, Instagram opened a world of support with other students all over the world
  • You don’t have to be an artist because there are great tools like Canva
  • Constraint and limitation is a key aspect of the creative process, it forces you to distill your message to the most elemental information
  • Why it’s important to find everyday ways to talk about basic Chinese medicine concepts
  • Everyone, even people with a good word of mouth business, needs an online presence
  • What should go into your Instagram introduction
  • You have to know all that goes into the business of acupuncture if you want to understand fair pricing
  • Always be testing with your online presentations
  • The vital importance of unlearning to move forward


Andrea Dewhurst, The Channel Project
Acupuncture super-fan and knowledge seeker.

Andrea qualified, in July 2021, from the City College of Acupuncture in London after three years and a small amount of COVID disruption. Andrea is fully aware that those three years were only the start of her learning. The stabilisers have just been taken off, but she is keeping the hat firmly on.

Her learning style has to always try and keep it very simple and visual and as such started using Instagram as an easy and accessible tool for documenting her learning.

Andrea is based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and will be offering mobile acupuncture treatments throughout the county.



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