Working with the conventional medical system takes a lot more than simply letting doctors know your practice exists. Like any relationship it takes time, effort and persistence, along with a sense of common values and language.
In this conversation with Kym Garrett we explore the process of building a practice around the treatment of cancer that dovetails with conventional treatment.
Listen in for this discussion of building trust and creating a practice that helps patients to navigate between Chinese medicine and modern oncology.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Kym’s curious path to acupuncture
  • An epiphany at the Charlotte Maxwell House
  • How to connect with the conventional medicine world
  • The importance of of patience and humility
  • Influence doctors by making their lives easier
  • Dealing with rejection: step back, accept, embrace
  • Treating neuropathy from chemotherapy
  • Don’t expect instant gratification
  • The vital role of acknowledging small successes along the way
  • Thoughts on the future of integrative practi

It’s okay to not know everything and have all the answers. Just stay curious and humble, be willing to learn and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Kym Garrett, L.Ac

As a twenty something year old living in San Francisco trying to find my way, I never planned on becoming an acupuncturist. However, something in my gut told me I was meant to study Chinese Medicine.

Since completing my training 15 years ago, I have approached my patients with curiosity and respect. I love asking questions and patiently getting to know them as I work to understand their physical and emotional needs. I consider the work I do to go well beyond sticking needles in people and prescribing herbs. It is my duty to listen deeply and fully see everyone who comes to me for treatment. I believe that by bringing active listening and respectful treatments to my patients I can offer them a little bit of healing.
I am humbled everyday by the trust and confidence that my patients have in me. They are what inspire me to always learn, to always grow and to never lose my deep curiosity and unending desire to ask questions.

Links and Resources

Society of Integrative Oncology

Kym regularly uses this website from Memorial Sloan Kettering to check for herb/drug interactions and other necessary information when considering herbs for her oncology patients.


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