Medicinal mushrooms have made their way into the everyday lives of the “old one-hundred names,” us common folk. Formerly rare and precious substances like Ling Zhi and Dong Chong Xia Cao are now cultivated and readily available for people like you and me. 

Considered to be “higher” level medicinals, these are substances considered more for promoting wellbeing, than treating illness. Which brings us to the topic of “Tonic Herbs” and Yang Sheng, the nourishment of life. 

In this conversation with Mason Taylor we discuss the differences between “Tonic Herbs” and the use of herbal medicine to treat illness. We touch on Daoist practices, the fundamental role of Jing, and the challenge and opportunity of running your own business that allows you to explore something that is of vital personal interest. 

Listen into this discussion of mushrooms, longevity and the search for authentic meaning. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Upper, middle and lower class herbs, what does this really mean?
  • Leaning on the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing to understand the “Di Dao” (authentic) aspect of tonic herbs
  • Investigating institutionalization and “colonization” of medicine
  • Experimenting with Jing
  • Delving into the world of medicinal mushroom farming and extraction
  • Considering “Daoist” medicine
  • Conventional vs organic growing
  • The scope of safe and effective use of tonic medicinals

Focus on long term protection and cultivation of the Treasures as an aspect of treatment

Mason Taylor is the CEO/Founder of SuperFeast and a renowned tonic herbalist.

On a soul mission to bring people back to their bodies and nature while bursting through dogma, he shares passionately and uniquely in his workshops, podcast, and content on how to cultivate healing and potentiation through health sovereignty.

An expert in Taoist tonic herbalism, Mason has helped tens of thousands of people globally discover medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic tonic herbs, and the healing philosophy from which they emerged. Mason is also a budding comedian; bursting the bubble on the “health scene” with his antics.



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