Learning medicine requires books, memorization , and knowledge. But knowledge without practice is useless. It is through the clinical encounter with patients that the principals come to life and the medicine goes from theory to living practice.

In this 200th episode of the Qiological Denise Hung, a student, shares her questions and thoughts about mentors and mentorship in Chinese medicine.

Listen in to this conversation on learning, expectations, and the importance of being in the room where it happens in the process of learning medicine.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Chinese medicine is increasingly included in integrative practices in Australia
  • Finding a mentor with whom you resonate
  • A student’s perspective on the qualities of a helpful mentor
  • The need for both support and challenge
  • Learning through books, mentoring through time and space
  • Settling your Shen with with witnessing, instead of getting emotionally involved
  • Crafting the clinical encounter, “A room for anything to happen”

Be present and witness the impermanence. As it is, as it should be.

Denise Hung

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been part of my Malaysian heritage, but I never fully experienced it until I moved to Melbourne. I questioned how I have found something so innate in a foreign land. The knowledge of self-healing ought to be intuitive, but as society advances, I noticed how it is growing further away from heritage medicinal practices. So I embarked on a determined quest to continue this lineage.

As a student, I found the best way to learn TCM was through observing practitioners in the treatment rooms. By simply witnessing, absorbing and questioning. I soon discovered what makes a good mentor or conducive educational clinic environment does not come easily. I became passionate to understand why and how we can create a community for future practitioners. And what better way to start sowing the seeds of hope through conversations?



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