If You Are Not Having Fun With Your Marketing, You're Doing It Wrong

by Michael Max | With Guest Robyn Sayles

If the words fun, fascinating and laughter are not how you think of marketing, then you need to change your idea of marketing. And if you think brand means the logo for your business, then it's time to update your definition of brand.

Consider this: if you are not having fun and letting your fascinating superpower show through while doing your “marketing” why would anyone want to buy what you have to sell?

I met the guest of this episode by following a trail of bread crumbs. Actually, it was a cool little pin of a rocket ship (who does not love rocket ships?) And what I found…. well, I'll let you discover that for yourself in this podcast conversation.

There is a lot an acupuncturist can learn from a podcast marketing genus.

Buckle up and listen in to this conversation and add some rocket fuel to your marketing.


People Learn Best When They Belly Laugh

Robyn Sayles the fiery force behind Launch Your Success is an unapologetically enthusiastic maven of marketing who will leave you excited about the work you do and not just “getting the word” out about your practice, but help you get in touch with your inner fireball of creativity.

Visit her at www.launchingyoursuccess.com, it's fun and worth a moment of your attention if you're serious about crafting up some marketing that doesn't suck.